House Sitter   Laura Lelieveld

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House Sitter Laura Lelieveld

Location:   Leidschendam, Netherlands

Age:   62

Experience:   1 yr 7 mo

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About Laura Lelieveld:

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Dick Van Der Stelt

Homeowner in Saussey, France

Dear house sitters seekers,
Laura and Rinus are two very friendly people with the heart in the right place.
They have for 4 almost 5 weeks with heart and soul for our animals and our home (
France), not nothing given the surface and the number of animals (2 dogs, of which
one with medication, a cat, two goats, some chickens and a parrot).
With us they are always welcome to come and watch.
If you still want to speak to us personally, you can always do that.
Dick en Erlynn van der Stelt


Date of Service Sep 3, 2017

Eric De Jong

Homeowner in Portel, Portugal

“Laura and Rinus spent 4 weeks on our house in Portugal, our 4 dogs and our plants.
They have really done this amazingly in every way.
Responsibly, empathically and lovingly, they have complied with all agreements.
We can highly recommend them.”

Date of Service Dec 13, 2016