House Sitter   Christina Damianos

House Sitter Christina Damianos

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Location:   Markham, Canada

Age:   51

Experience:   2 yr 3 mo

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About Christina Damianos:

I am an ESL Teacher that has the flexibility to work only 2 hours per day from any home that has Internet/WiFi. 

I love to take care of animals of course but the reason I really want to do house sitting is because I remember how hard it was for our family to enjoy a vacation all together as we he had pets ourselves and therefore someone always had to stay behind to take care of them. I really didn't like that feeling but at the same time didn't trust anyone enough to stay with our pets, or relatives were too far and couldn't help us out.
This is the main reason I enjoy housing especially for pets because it's a most valuable service in my eyes
I also love to travel since I can work from anywhere in the world.
I enjoy swimming and spending slot of time on the beach.
Also like going for walks whether it's in the busy city window shopping or out in the country air.
I have 3 wonderful daughters that have finished a Bachelor's degree, I'm so very proud of them.
Spending time with my mom and having meaningful and sometime not conversations with her, I find it so sterene at times, like a little girl again listening to her stories as she tells me of her younger years.
Our pets have always been so precious to the whole family and helping others to take care of their pets while they are away is so rewarding.....

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