House Sitter   Sheridan Hill

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House Sitter Sheridan Hill

Location:   Black Mountain, North Carolina

Experience:   10 mo

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About Sheridan Hill:

 For more than 30 years, I have been a homeowner. I built my own guest cottage, and am extremely focused on all of the systems in a home and estate always being in  perfect working order. I currently live in my own home in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, but I am seeking new experiences.

I am an excellent animal communicator and believe in giving animals plenty of love and affection. It would be natural for me to send you adorable photographs of your pets while you are gone.

Keeping a keen, alert mind is important to me, so I am a nonsmoker and don’t use intoxicating substances. I am security-minded, extremely trustworthy and happy to comply with any kind of background check. I have TSA priority clearance which means  I am a Verified, Known Traveler.  I worked for a short period of time for the Department of Naval Disabilities and had clearance for entering the Pentagon at that time. Je parle un peu Francais.

For three years, I volunteered for our local CarePartners hospice, singing and playing the harp. I have a compassionate, well-tempered personality. 

Exotic pets and reptiles  are fine with me. My two favorite dogs have been my childhood English bulldog and a Siberian husky mix and also a red chow. The Husky was an alpha female and I became quite experienced an adept at dealing with her alpha nature in a compassionate and effective way.  I have watched most episodes of “the dog whisperer” at least once!

My partner, Ed, ha  a great grasp of plumbing, electrical, and basic home systems  as well as a sense of home construction and cleanliness and maintenance. Our goal is to leave our own homes behind and travel for a bit while removing for others the unnecessary worry about your home and pets while you are away.

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References 4

Bryant Coleman

Homeowner in Black Mountain, North Carolina

Mr. Coleman, a registered nurse, rented for five months a guest cottage that I built.

Date of Service Aug 1, 2017

Airbnb Company

Homeowner in San Francisco, California

I am a Five-Star Superhostb on Airbnb, where you may see my profile; I have hosted more than 210 people from 17 different countries and received the very highest reviews from more than 92% of them. In order to earn this kind of rating, you have to maintain the space you are renting in perfect condition: all utilities and systems working as they should, clean, ready for anyone to come in at any moment and find it beautiful and perfect.
I travel using Airbnb now but I am no longer renting out any of my properties.

Date of Service Mar 7, 2015

Tom Cobb

Homeowner in Kapaa, Hawaii

In 2011, I cared for a guest cottage with a hot tub on Mr. Cobb’s property for three months.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2015

Candace Freeland

Homeowner in Kapaa, Hawaii

In 2012, I was a house mate with the photographer, Candace Freeland, and also cared for the property while she was absent. You may see her website and also contact her.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2015