House Sitter   Sharyn Mckitterick

House Sitter Sharyn Mckitterick

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Location:   Bendigo, Australia

Age:   56

Experience:   2 yr 8 mo

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About Sharyn Mckitterick:

Hi, my name is Sharyn and I live in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.  I have recently been travelling around Europe for 7 weeks and loved it so much that I researched and came across house sitting as an option to live in and experience parts of the world you would never get an opportunity to normally do so.  After 23 years working in the banking industry, I left my employment due to my boss retiring and there no longer being a position for me.  Deciding that I wanted to travel more I see house sitting as the perfect opportunity for me.  I am single, have two grown adult children and therefore have no ties to my home town.  I have two properties where I live and spend a large amount of time tending to the garden, painting and general renovations.  I am very handy with all maintenance required around the houses and willing to give anything a go.  I am an animal lover and have had cats and dogs in the past which I miss dearly but because I have wanted to travel haven't been able to fulfill this part of my life.  I don't speak a second language but would be willing to learn depending on where I find a place to stay and the length of time I would be there.  I am independent, love life and will make the most of every opportunity that comes my way. Depending on flights I would be available to house sit at short notice.

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Mike Hirst

Employer in Geelong, Australia

Mike Hirst was the Managing Director for the bank where I was employed. Mike and I worked together since 2009 until he retired in July 2018. Mike and I had a very close relationship with me being his Executive Assistant. Mike would be willing to be contacted if needed to provide a reference for the years I worked for him and the bank. If you would like Mike's contact details please let me know.

Date of Service Jul 9, 2014