House Sitter   Ralph Velasco

House Sitter Ralph Velasco

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Location:   Rockford, Illinois

Age:   58

Experience:   6 yr 5 mo

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About Ralph Velasco:



My name is Ralph and I'm looking for quality house sitting assignments around the world, but specifically in Europe, around the Mediterranean. 


I'm a professional travel photographer, author, public speaker and experienced international tour organizer, and I often have anywhere from 5 days to 2 months or more in between work assignments when I can be in one place and free to make my own hours and work on other projects.  What's great is that I can work from anywhere in the world with access to reliable Internet access (please let me know if this may be an issue at your home and know that it's not as much of a problem if there are reliable alternatives nearby like Internet cafes or other workspaces to log on).  

As a matter of fact, I’m what’s come to be referred to as “location independent.”  I’m a digital nomad with a camera and laptop, and no permanent home, and I have been for 7+ years now, so I know what it’s like to be a great guest, make little impact on my surroundings and I pride myself on leaving the places I stay better than when I found them.

I absolutely love animals and would take care of any dogs, cats, reptiles or fish you may have, and we can certainly discuss other animals, and you can rest assured that I'll treat and love your pets as if they were my own.  For most of my life, I've owned dogs and cats and most recently lived on and off with a wonderful rat terrier mix named Buddy (see photo), and just before that an amazing Great Dane named Bella, so I know what's involved in taking care of very small to VERY large dogs.

Why I want to house sit:


My job allows me to plan far ahead, and to work from anywhere in the world in between trips, especially where there's reliable Internet access.  I love animals and dislike the thought of short- or long-term stays at hotels or Airbnbs and much prefer a more locals experience in each destination I visit.



What I bring to the assignment/relevant experience:


I'm an experienced long-term, location independent traveler who is very comfortable assimilating to just about any culture or language, and I speak Spanish.  I’ve watched over many other people's homes and I'm a big-time animal lover and former pet owner with plenty of experience (and love) to offer.


Contact me if you have an assignment you think I'd be a good fit for, I’d love to be considered and glad to provide more info if you'd like.






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References 3

Amy Myers

Homeowner in Long Beach, California

We had Ralph stay at our home in Long Beach, California, and he was just great. He can be trusted 100% and took great care of our dog, and several chickens that we have. Couldn't recommend him enough for any housesitting assignments you might have for him, don't even hesitate to use him, I couldn't believe how nice he'd left our home when he left.

Date of Service Feb 12, 2020

Sarah Radka

Homeowner in Chicago, Illinois

Ralph stayed in my downtown apartment in the city of Chicago I was away on business for two weeks. He took care of my wonderful cat, Nefertiti, who would normally never come out from underneath the bed, but within 10 minutes she curled up next to him on the couch and hardly ever left his side. He also let in several servicemen, including a plumber and a drywall worker and did some other light tasks for me.

He came highly recommended, and I'd definitely ask Ralph to sit again but I haven't been traveling as much lately.

Date of Service Nov 20, 2019

Rebecca Foreman

Homeowner in Corona Del Mar, California

I was very glad when Ralph sat my 2 bedroom, 1 bath flat in Southern California. He was great with my Great Dane, Bella, and I know they both loved each other and got along great. He also watched over my property, picked up some dry cleaning for me, took my car in for service and it went really well.

Would I ask him to sit again? ABSOLUTELY! He left everything in great order and I hardly knew he'd stayed.

Date of Service Jul 15, 2018