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House Sitter Kip Piper

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Location:   Henderson, Nevada

Age:   70

Experience:   8 yr 6 mo

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About Kip Piper:

Experienced care for Cats, Homes & Plants. Will take great care of your home and property.

Available November 2023

I am a highly experienced house sitter and offer my services for your vacant home for both short and long-term house-sitting engagements. A more detailed description of my experience follows.

What is important for you is the peace of mind that your home, animals, and belongings are properly cared for while you are away.

With house-sitting experience since the 1980s, I have looked after a wide range of properties, including:

  • small homes
  • large homes
  • homes with landscape care
  • homes with lots of outbuildings
  • small ranches

I have experience in minor home repairs, such as replacing door knobs and dead bolts, replacing toilet floats, replacing faucet washers, replacing screens on doors, etc.

As a house sitter, I have cared for house plants, performed basic yard work (mowed and watered lawns, maintained yard plants and flowers), cleaned and maintained swimming pools, and maintained a show-ready clean house for houses that are on the market.

My pet-sitting preference is cats and kittens, although I have experience sitting a wide range of animals, fish and fowl.

One of my regular clients has had a regularly changing combination of indoor cats, dogs, and horses!

I have cared for sick and injured pets, including emergency and routine veterinary visits, administered medicines (including insulin shots), changed dressings, and other appropriate treatments. 

I am a cheerful, responsible, single, mature, non-smoking, quiet, retired professional woman with no vices -- other than chocolate! I have been a published author, Internet Marketing consultant, web designer, and graphic designer. Being retired, I will add sense of security because I can stay in the home. I promise to value your home, your lands, and your precious pets.

I would provide a "lived-in" appearance to your vacant home. I would be delighted to hear from you.

Excellent references and a current background clearance available!

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References 8

Whistle And Doug Carey

Homeowner in Henderson, Nevada

Kip Piper is the woman for the job. My name is Whistle Carey and I have known Kip since we were 11 years old. We grew up together in Virginia. That’s quite a few years since I am now 70.

She has been a short-term and long-term guest in our home many times. Not only is she a true people person but has many necessary skills and knowledge required for house and pet sitting. Since she is a non-smoker, you will have no worries there for your home. She is also not a partier – so you will not have unknown and unwanted people tromping through your home. She is truly organized in all aspects of her life. She is not lazy. She is totally trustworthy.

If you have pets, they will be loved, cherished and well taken care of by Kip. We have a dog, who is truly attached to her. Kip pet sits for us quite frequently for both long and short term. Our dog loves it when we are gone and Auntie Kip is here to take care of her. Our dog is a special needs dog – she has seizures. Kip competently and always gives her medication on time, which is required twice daily. We never worry that our dog is getting her meds. Kip also has purchased play toys and regularly plays with her in our yard.

Regarding your home, my husband and I were recently away on a trip and our air conditioning went out. Kip immediately contacted us with a list of reputable repair people in case we had none. She supervised the worker and made sure the repair was done right. Since Kip travels abroad, she is aware of cultural differences and blends into the society wherever she is. Feel free to text or call us If you require any additional information.

You will enjoy peace of mind when Kip looks after your home and your pets.

Whistle & Doug Carey
Phone: +1 407.770.7065

Date of Service Jul 9, 2023

Tami Moran

Homeowner in Alpine, Texas

I am writing this reference for Kip Piper as a house sitter and pet sitter.

My husband and I have known Kip since 1998 and she is always our first choice for watching our babies. Our animals are our children and we trust only two people with their care and Kip is one of them. Over the years, we have had many dogs, cats, and other animals. At one time, we had 7 dogs, 9 inside kitties, and 2 horses. Now we have 12 inside kitties, tons of outdoor kitties, and 4 dogs. They all love their "Auntie Kip", and she handles them all with love and devotion.

Over the years, we have been gone anywhere from 1 day to as much as 3 weeks. Kip stays at our house and loves and cares for our pets as if they were her own. Each of our animals has a unique personality, which Kip has quickly learned and appreciated. Because of this, she has developed a great relationship with each one of our babies.

Here are just some of the things Kip has done while house and pet sitting for us:

Feeds all animals twice a day
Feeds the older kitties on demand
Administers medication oral and applied
Plays with the dogs in the yard
Fed, watered and communed with the horses
Cleans litter boxes
Takes dogs and kitties to needed appointments in her car
Has efficiently dealt with medical emergencies

When we return home, our babies are calm and happy to see us. Kip leaves the house so clean and neat that you would never know she was there except for our happy animals!

Overall, we cannot more highly recommend Kip, whom we trust with our animals and belongings.

Tami and Mike Moran

Date of Service Jan 1, 2011

Penny Kervill

Homeowner in Clayton, North Carolina

If you need a house or pet sitter, Kip Piper is the person to call.

We have known her since the early 1980s and she has provided house sitting and pet care services for us in our homes in Virginia, Texas, and North Carolina. Our two dogs adore her and she has spoiled them to the point where they recognize her voice over the telephone. Even after periods of not seeing her for months, they jump around and are very excited to see her when she arrives to stay with them.

Her duties are walking, entertaining, feeding and medication management for the two dogs. One of our dogs is extremely elderly and must be coddled a bit in order to get him to eat properly and take his medication.

She is diligent about their care, very tidy and manages any unexpected issues with ease. Being a non-smoker is wonderful as well, because we dont have to worry about latent smoke odors when we return home. She has always treated and respected our home and our pets as though they were hers. We highly recommend her to you.


Penny and Gregg Kervill

Date of Service Jan 1, 2011

Marion Whiting

Homeowner in Alpine, Texas

I am writing this reference for Kip Piper as a house sitter and pet sitter.

I have known Kip since 2007 and she is always my first choice for watching my babies. I have an 85 lb Weimaraner/Shar Pei-mix dog who loves his "Auntie Kip" and an energetic, crazy kitty who she handles well.

Whether I go somewhere overnight or am gone 3-4 days, Kip takes her job seriously. My cat and dog are inside animals that demand hands-on attention. Sometimes Kip just needs to come over to my place and let out my dog, while other times my animals have stayed with her for a few days.

Here are just some of the duties that Kip does while house and pet sitting for me:
Feeds both animals twice a day
Administers medication oral and applied
Walks dog and/or plays in the yard with him
Entertains crazy kitty
Cleans litter box
Takes dog to needed appointments in her car
Kip has never abused her house privileges. She is an extremely considerate house guest who cleans and picks up after herself. I have never had a complaint from neighbors and in fact she is truly friendly with them.

Overall, I cannot more highly recommend Kip, whom I trust with my animals and belongings.

Marion Whiting

Date of Service Jan 1, 2011

Marilyn White

Homeowner in Dallas, Texas

In regard to Kip Piper, and over the past six-plus years we have known one another, she is one stand-up lady. She is someone who has been a trusted friend and confidant. She possesses qualities of the utmost integrity, and loyalty; a great listener and person you can depend on to follow-through with the task at-hand. It was my pleasure to employ Kip as a house-sitter and a pet-sitter.

As a house-sitter, because she is quiet and respects personal property, I employed once for a month, and another time for a couple of weeks. I was overjoyed to come home and find alls well.

As a pet-sitter, Kip is unusually gifted when it comes to animals. She has cared for my two parakeets and my trusty Jack Russell Terrier..and quite frankly, shes better with them than I. And, they love her ta boot!

Kip has an up-beat personality, is a non-smoker, and is diverse; adapts easily to her environment and every social situation imaginable (and extremely knowledgeable!).

I highly recommend Kip for any house-sitting and pet-sitting need that arises. She will satisfy all of the responsibilities required, and will do it with diligence, quality, and honesty. Please feel free to contact me if the need arises for any verbal confirmations required.

Marilyn White
(817) 266-4936 (USA)

Date of Service Jan 1, 2011

Marta Knobloch

Homeowner in El Paso, Texas

Kip Piper is a personal friend whom I have known since 2005. She has house-sat for me at least 24 times. She has cared for my cat, Hobo, collected the mail, watered the plants, and created the appearance of someone living in the house during my absence. My cat has special dietary needs and has never been ill under her care because of her concern and meticulous attention to his health. I would trust her judgment as to whether circumstances require a visit to the vet. Hobo now includes her on his short list of trusted friends. Kip is a considerate guest in my home and is always pleasant with the neighbors. She has dealt with yard and maintenance personnel in my absence when necessary. I have complete confidence in Kip's judgment, competence and commitment in caring for my home and pet. Kip has my highest recommendation as a house and pet sitter.

Marta Knobloch

Date of Service Jan 1, 2011

Kerry Rainey

Homeowner in San Angelo, Texas

House Sitting


1. Type of sitting: House sitting for house that was for sale and actively being shown to interested parties
2. Length of time: 1 year 10 month (Feb 2008 to Dec 2009)
3. Duties:
1. Kept house clean and show ready
2. Was available to show house and showed the house many times
3. Maintained in-ground chlorine pool
4. Helped mow lawn and other minor yard work and plant care
5. Helped with small home repairs
6. Regularly communicated with the owners about any events or concerns
4. Created and maintained website for the house , from which came the only qualified potential buyers and the actual buyer.


Kip house sat for me which included the above listed time frame and duties. Her performance in the activities was exemplary. She is trustworthy with professional integrity above the norm. She is a non-smoker, maintains attention to detail on property condition, does not conduct parties or gatherings, and respects the fauna and flora of the area.

I highly recommend her for this activity and suggest your satisfaction with her performance will be superb.

Kerry Rainey
(325) 656-3962

Date of Service Jan 1, 2011

Karlin Devoll

Homeowner in Alpine, Texas

I am writing this reference for Kip Piper as a house sitter and pet sitter.

I met Kip Piper in 2004 through a mutual friend. She is always my first choice for house and/or pet sitting. I have two strictly indoor cats, three dogs, approximately twenty outdoor cats, and many houseplants.

House and pet sitting duties, because I live on a ranch outside of town, are usually several day experiences. Both indoor cats expect to be feed breakfast each morning. The dogs and outdoor cats are fed each evening in the yard and barns. Kip will also care for house plants by watering and turning them for sun exposure as needed.

Kip has gone above and beyond. In one particular instance she not only pet sat, but also kept my teenage child. My mother-in-law was traveling several times each week to a medical center about 150 miles away for cancer treatments. When the treatments became more than she could handle, my husband and I stayed with her in the town were the medical center is located.

Even though babysitting is not part of her duties, Kip graciously agreed to keep our son. That offer made it possible for our son to stay in class and maintain his honor student status.

During that seven day stay, I furnished a vehicle for Kip to travel to and from town. My son was involved and FFA, One Act Play, Cheerleading, and National Honor Society. So, she drove him back and forth for school and club meetings.

Kip is an extremely respectful house guest. When we return to our home it has always been in the same condition as we left it. Kip leaves the kitchen, bed rooms, and bathrooms as clean as she found them. And as you can see, I trust her with more than my home, pets, plants, and vehicle. I have also trusted her with the most important individual in my life my child.

Karlin DeVoll

Date of Service Jan 1, 2011