House Sitter   Evelyn Beaulay

House Sitter Evelyn Beaulay

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Location:   Middlesex, United Kingdom

Age:   49

Experience:   9 mo

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About Evelyn Beaulay:

As a freelance writer and coach, I can work remotely from anywhere with a good wi-fi connection.

I was born in Nigeria and came to the UK in 1998 to join my partner; we parted ways. I have been a solo and on my own since focusing on my work and career. I worked for major financial institutions as a technical business analyst until 2020. when I decided I needed a change in my professional career and approach to life that would allow me to explore different places as a digital nomad.

My first experience was in Spain in December 2020. I spent nine months looking after a dog while the owner was away on business trips abroad. I had the opportunity to travel Europe (France, Bern, Italy) with the homeowner towards the end of the sitting in 2021 to present a topic of mutual interest. It was a wonderful experience.

House-sitting allows me to do what I love while helping people.

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Richard Buckland

Homeowner in Wiltshire, United Kingdom

This service was via a different house-sitting for mainly houses in the UK.
I house sat for over month looking after two dogs while the owner was away on business trips. Happy to provide contact details for Mr. Buckland, upon request.

Date of Service Apr 2, 2022