House Sitter   Brenda Lindsayearle

House Sitter Brenda Lindsayearle

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Location:   Sumter, South Carolina

Age:   62

Experience:   5 mo

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About Brenda Lindsayearle:

Hello, my name is Brenda Lindsayearle. I am a widow, grandmother, and retired registered nurse for 33 years. I’ve worked in the areas of home care hospital triage and community nursing that being said in hospice I did home care as well as  house sitting. I’ve raise pets throughout my children’s lifespan. They’ve always love pets and so I’ve had dogs cats birds turtles hedgehogs guinea pigs rabbits and I am still very much a lover of dogs rabbits and cats in fact I feel sometimes I get along better with cats and dogs than people I am looking to travel to see the world and based on my income I figured housesitting would be an excellent venture as well as pet sitting.

Being a Peace Corps volunteer in my lifetime I’ve traveled abroad and lived extended periods of time out of the United States so I’m very diverse in many cultures and still correspond with people that I met from different cultures be Asia Africa South America or Europe or I used to speak Spanish in French I no longer speak neither of those two languages although learning The language of Thai change the phonetic and so now I can communicate with conversationally in those other languages but I do speak English and tie a little bit of French in a little bit of Spanish and references will be received upon request if needed. Thank you for taking the opportunity to read my bio and I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested thank you very much

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