House Sitter   Katiuska Stella

House Sitter Katiuska Stella

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Location:   Sarasota, Florida

Age:   42

Experience:   7 mo

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About Katiuska Stella:

Hello How are you ? My name is Kati stella and i am looking to be your house sitting . I am a medical assistant and I am also a caregiver for seniors , my housband is handy man and profesional painter and also remodeling houses in case you may need to fix something around the house . We were hoping to buy a house this year but houses are very pricy too expensive to buy this year . The rrent also are very expensive , so I don’t want to keep for the rent and save extra money πŸ’° for our house .. we love πŸ’• pet , plants πŸͺ΄ and we like to keep everything nice and tide clean . We also have a great reference so please let me know I will be glad to take care of your house and pets and plants 🌱 our preference to be your house sitting Is sarasota florida , Lonboatkey Γ‘rea lido beach , university parkway , Lakewoodranch sarasota Γ‘rea . Thank you 😊 very much God bless you . Kati stella πŸ’• 

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References 2

Sally Elcky

Homeowner in Siesta Key Fl, Florida

Cleaning house , painting details , in case the house paint get old , pressure washer , check mail ., clean the house deeply , bath the pets , Groomer , watering the plants , keep rooms organizer, gardening πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ, clean cars pressure washer drive way just keep all perfect brilliant ..

Date of Service Apr 1, 2021

George Lewesky

Homeowner in Sarasota, Florida

Keep the house nice and clean , Pool service clean , keep moto cycles safe cars clean covered , plants alive , pressure washer , check mail , delivery πŸ“¦ box πŸ“¦ for the house , paint the house if need it pressure washer drive way . Take care pets , bath , groomer .

Date of Service Jan 1, 2019