House Sitter   Nikki Helvey

House Sitter Nikki Helvey

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Location:   Hillsboro, Oregon

Age:   56

Experience:   1 yr 7 mo

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About Nikki Helvey:

Experienced pet/housesitter. From livestock to newborn puppies, I provide quality care for your home and animals. My experience includes managing short-term vacation rentals, luxury mountain retreats, Bed & Breakfasts, Caribbean beach villas, jungle lodges, and off-grid cabins. My client base includes the United States, Honduras, Canada, Chile, South Africa, and Spain. My references are impeccable and my referrals excellent. 

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Lori Greenthal

Homeowner in Bald Peak, Oregon

The first time we met I could tell by Nikki’s interactions with her own dog how much she’s devoted to animals. We have two cats so her sweet dog stayed at a nearby relative’s home while Nikki moved into ours for a wee. She took care of the house, picked up the mail, wheeled the trash out to the street, and left our home cleaner than when we left. She spoiled our kitties with their favorite foods (which in some cases needed to be cooked), kept them from arguing with one another (which they tend to do around meal time), allowed them access to sun and fresh air on our enclosed deck, played with them, and generally kept everything running smoothly in our absence.
She also has a 4-wheel drive vehicle so we were confident that I snow and freezing conditions, threat of fire, power failure, etc. (all of which we have experienced) she is ready and able to evacuate and get the animals to safety should it become necessary. She texted photos and updates regularly, putting our minds at ease that all was well at home. We are grateful to have found Nikki.

Date of Service May 12, 2021

Julia Peens

Homeowner in Clearwater, Florida

Nikki is an amazing, responsible and super reliable person who looked after my three pets on numerous occasions. Last winter she provided long term winter care in the snow and ice, without electricity for a week, and our home was kept warm with fires in the fireplace and our cats cozy in their beds.
I can only say the best about her and would highly recommend her. She knows what your dog will need and will attend to his or her every needs. You can leave your dog with her without any hesitation, they will be in very loving hands.

Date of Service Jan 6, 2021

Karen Treherne

Homeowner in La Ceiba, Honduras

I first met Nikki 7 years ago with a puppy under her arm, which I learned she had just rescued from being drowned. Since then, she has saved so many different animals and found homes for them if needed that I’ve lost count.
Nikki has stayed in my Bed & Breakfast, in the jungles of Honduras and taken care of my 2 lovely dogs and 4 cats on numerous occasions over the years. She manages the hotel with ease and connects with our guests in a way that creates relationships. All of my animals run to greet her when she arrives at Casa Cangrejal.
I have recommended her to may others and will continue to do so. Nikki will make sure your pets, your home, and your business is loved when you can’t be there.

Date of Service Nov 13, 2017