House Sitter   Lisa Doll

House Sitter Lisa Doll

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Location:   Prudenville, Michigan

Age:   60

Experience:   1 yr 8 mo

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About Lisa Doll:


About Me:  I am a middle-aged semi-retired self-employed gal, looking to spend time in Florida in the Central West Coast area.  I live in a rural northern Michigan area that is beautiful in the summer and fall, but too cold in the winter months.  Brrrr!

I prefer to couple house sit with my significant other, who is also registered with this site.  

I currently do not have any pets, which allows me to travel, but I do miss having the companionship of a fury friend. I have had many pets over the years, mostly BIG dogs (Bouviers des Flandres, Newfoundland, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Collies, and Irish Setters). One mid-size dog was an English Springer Spaniel.  I also have had several cats.  If you have not guessed already, I love dogs and cats. You know you love your dogs when you must give them a bath multiple times after getting sprayed by a skunk!  Family pets are extensions of our family and deserve love and care like the rest of us.  I also had a Sun Conure parakeet and fully understand they do not like being alone!

I am very affectionate towards pets and am aware they are accustomed to being fed at the same time every day.  Not much different than us really.  With my years of personal pet ownership, I am qualified to care for your four- or two-legged family members.

I am interested in becoming a house sitter to be near my family in Florida, but to also have my own space.  Being a house sitter would allow me to visit my family much more often.

I am a fine artist at heart.  I also am a budding freelance audiobook narrator and voice-over artist.

My hobbies are drawing, painting, writing, reading, cooking, baking, backgammon, and I am pretty darn good at playing gin rummy!

My interests are family interaction, kayaking, swimming, music, movies, live theater, and volunteering in my community.

Since I am new to house sitting I have not compiled a house sitting reference list yet.  As with any job, you have to start somewhere!  I believe that once you talk with me, you will find I am down to earth, organized, have common sense and am reliable. I have a clean record and am an upstanding individual in my community.

In addition, I pride myself on my clean appearance and am a very tidy person. I clean up after myself and have been laughed at by family because I am so organized (which I think is a superpower).  
I would love to talk with you about becoming your house sitter.

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