House Sitter   Eva Franco

House Sitter Eva Franco

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Location:   Lisboa, Portugal

Age:   58

Experience:   10 mo

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About Eva Franco:

My name is Eva Grussl Franco, half portuguese, half Austrian. Now I live in Lisbon, before I lived in Brasil and Austria (my father is Austrian and we lived in Vienna during my childhood). I love animals, dogs and cats and horses. I m 57 years "young" and worked always with people as an event coordinator and guide, travelling the world with groups and Incentives, companies and families. Mainly companies that made Incentive travels , usually with 50/100/200/300 guests (I had it all, once also with 1000 guests!). Love nature, I am married, my husband is a retired doctor (67 years young) and I, still work with companies that need travel organization and coordinating all the trips. 2020 was a complicated year, many of my travels where postponed to 2021. In the meantine I make some voice over in studios and some translations online. I d loved one day to care about a house with or without animals. I m also a volunteer at a dog kennel for abandoned dogs. Really love them. I m fluent in portuguese, german, english and french. Thanks and hoping to have a "sit" soon, this year of 2021.   

Best to all          Eva

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