House Sitter   Alisa T

House Sitter Alisa T

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Location:   Clarkston, Washington

Age:   26

Experience:   4 mo

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About Alisa T:

Hello! My name is Alisa and I have Some experience underneath my belt when it comes to housesitting, but I’m still newer & willing to learn more as I go! College online student so outside class I have a pretty open and flexible schedule to start whenever!  Im a little shy, but I’m a huge animal person! I’ve had tons of animal experience from simple fish, & small animals to cats,dogs and exotic animals & birds  in the past so I tend to know them quite well! Willing to work with nearly any animals you may have & I just take medicine for when I work with cats cuz allergies, But aside from that it’s never been an excuse for me to even have my own cats heh! It is best that your pets have a healthy daily schedule routine for when you are gone as well as a clean house & therefor I do my best to maintain everything so you can come back to a clean house as well as  happy fur babies and possible plant babies! I’m open anytime at the moment & would love if you chose me to be your house sitter!

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