House Sitter   Danita Craft

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House Sitter Danita Craft

Location:   Louisville, Kentucky

Age:   58

Experience:   9 mo

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About Danita Craft:


We are returning to Washington State in October 2019. We have house sat for 1 year in Kentucky with a small payment to cover utilities. 

I am a computer lab instructor working in an urban ministry. My son is a 28 year old banker. We are clean, quiet, and responsible. We can pass any background check or credit check. We don't smoke. We drink monthly, but not weekly.

My hobbies include reading, writing, studying web development, and cooking. I like the outdoors. My son's hobbies include writing, studying Japanese, and gaming online with close friends whom he has met. We are more conservative than bohemian, and we are low-impact house sitters. 

We can offer a referral from the trustee of a home we have cared for. The home-owner moved to an elder-care facility and the home was placed in trust. It is a very private, lake-side home on a 1-acre lot. We paid enough to cover utilities, and we mowed the acre weekly. The trustee is a lawyer, and would give us an excellent referral. The trustee sold the home recently, and the new owner can also provide a referral.

When we purchase a home in Washington, my son can move into our purchased home, and I can continue to pet-sit in your residence until a departure date of your choice.  This would ensure that your pet still receives companionship and care, and your home is not empty. It also creates flexibility in travel dates. 

I am also comfortable mowing acreage and  caring for chickens, goats, sheep, and general livestock. 

We do have 1 dog named Apples. Apples is friendly with other animals and people. All of her shots and vaccinations are up to date. She weighs 50 pounds. She is always leashed when out, and she is never allowed in the kitchen. She sleeps most of the day and (for that reason) would be content if confined in 1 room during the day when we are at work if you would prefer that. She is perfectly housebroken and does not chew. She barks only if someone approaches the home. 

I know that choosing a pet and home sitter involves a degree of trust and good faith. Please consider our request and contact me. 
Thank you!

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References 3

Monica Henderson

Homeowner in Louisville, Kentucky

We were house-sitters/renters (we paid enough to cover utilities) of a home held in trust. We have been in this home since 2 September 2018. The trustees did not have pets, but they did have an acre lawn which we mowed each week.
We also occasionally mowed part of the other property (several acres) held by the trust if the trustees were sick or out of town.

Date of Service Sep 2, 2018

Sandy Gross

Employer in Louisville, Kentucky

I teach in a computer lab in a ministry. Sandy Gross is the Life Skills Director and my immediate supervisor. She has seen the home we are currently in, and can vouch for its cleanliness as well as my work ethic.

Date of Service Dec 16, 2017

Kelly Cooper

Employer in San Jose, California

Kelly Cooper hired me to work for West Valley College as an independent contractor on a Title III grant. I can provide additional references from that position.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2015