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House Sitter Blue Abele

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Location:   Gulf Breeze, Florida

Age:   52

Experience:   4 yr 11 mo

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About Blue Abele:


 Hello… thanks for taking a moment to get to know us.

We are Eric (52) and Blue (52), we are an American couple who love to travel and have a special fondness for animals - as we travel the world with our own adorable chihuahua, Sailor. 

We have extensive travel and house-sitting experience and we are non smoking, Digital Nomads.

 Blue speaks conversational Spanish and Eric is always learning. 

We have housesat in Canada, USA, Honduras, Belize, and Mexico. We can provide great references!

As ‘Digital Nomands’ we travel the world and work wherever we stop - thus being home most of the time is one of many reasons making us great candidates for taking care of your home and pets.

 We manage a Travel Blog - which we invite you to explore. Our needs beyond the basics are minimal, however a good internet connection is important.

We are extremely reliable, professional, clean, and respectful of your property. We take the responsibility of looking after your home and pets very seriously as we too have been property owners.

 We understand the emotional and financial ties that come with owning a home and pets and know the anguish of making sure everything is in good hands while you are away. To that end, we have over 20 clients/friends that we sit for regularly.

In between our travels, we have also lived on a small island off of Honduras for many years and understand how to handle hardships and challenges.

 We have taken care of homes that were boat access only, and on generator power for limited hours. We have been called upon several times by friends that have had emergencies and needed to leave the island immediately. We’ve even managed a Boutique Hotel while the owners have vacationed. In that instance we managed staff, book-keeping, kept up with property maintenance, handled guest relations, acted as full-service Concierge, and booked and managed large parties.

We know one of the biggest challenges of finding a sitter is searching for that someone you can trust with your fur babies. We have experience with large and small dogs, cats, fish, and birds. Blue has experience in pet emergency first aid, and is able to give medications both orally and by injection. She also has dog training experience (certified), and specializes in puppy training.

We have a 5 pound Chihuahua that is Blue’s trained and certified Service Dog (We can provide documentation). He is very well behaved and gets along with other animals. He is Not a yapper or biter. We can provide references from several of our prior sits to confirm this.

You can rest assured that we will respect your property and privacy.  Your pets and your home will be treated with genuine care. 

 We are very honest, responsible, organized, flexible and friendly.  While housesitting we will be glad to stay in touch by phone or email if you wish; keeping you up to date on the care and happiness of your pets and condition of your home.  If you wish we will send photos of your pets, water plants, collect mail, etc.

We would like to arrive in your city at least a day before your departure. This would give us the opportunity to get to know each other and for last minute instructions.  It is important for us to have a clean, healthy, pleasant environment and access to WIFI connection in your home.

We look forward to hearing more about your property, animals, and the responsibilities that come with this assignment. Sincerely,

Eric and Blue



Our personal hobbies involve travel, beach combing, swimming, hiking, photography, reading and cooking.


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References 3

Zilla Van Ferven

Homeowner in Roatan, Hn, Honduras

Blue has housesat for us in our remote island home, and we have requested her services on several occasions of which she was already committed to others.
We have 2 cats and a 50 pound, Rotty/Lab mix Dog. Our dog Max is terrified of Fireworks and Thunder and lightning. Blue was excellent at making sure she was home if the threat of either of those were going to take place.
Our animals are fed on a set schedule and we were never concerned that this would be an issue.
Blue travels with her 5 pound Chihauhau and he gets along well with other animals. It was not an issue to have him in our home. (of course, it was the Chihauhau that was frightened of the cat)!
We would highly recommend her services.
Ton and Zilla Van Gerven

Date of Service Apr 1, 2019

Kim Kinerd

Homeowner in Roatan, Hn, Honduras

NOTE: the dates on this form are unable to be changed to prior that 2016...

Blue ane Eric have house-sat for us for the past several years for months at a time. We have a difficult property to maintain and also have employees that need to be supervised and paid.

We are on Cistern water and generator power as well so these things need to be constantly monitored.

We have one cat that adores playing with their Chihauhau Sailor!

We never worry about being away from home.

Feel free to message me for further details.
Kim Kinerd

Date of Service Mar 1, 2016

John Morris

Homeowner in Roatan, Honduras

Cared for our 2 Shepards, and 2 cats. Also, managed our boutique hotel when we travel for vacations. Blue and Eric have been house sitting for us for several years and we ALWAYS reach out to them first to take care of our home and babies.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2016