House Sitter   Geri Murphy

House Sitter Geri Murphy

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Location:   Lafayette, California

Experience:   1 yr 1 mo

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About Geri Murphy:

I am a seasoned world traveller, with over twenty years experience as a real estate broker, home renovator, writer, and educational psychologist.  While I am new to house sitting, I have been entrusted with many high-valued homes to take care of and improve for out of area owners. I am meticulous in caring for property and pets.  

Aside from traveling, I love art, architecture, history, music, dancing, great wine, food and friends! I also enjoy growing my own vegetables and fruit, as well as flowers to put on the table.  Since as long as I can remember, my  family had four-legged members - dogs, cats, and a horse.  I loved them all.  These days, I enjoy the pets of my friends.

One of the most rewarding aspects of traveling for me is to meet local people and to learn about their customs and history.  Understanding people's stories and appreciating the paths that they have walked is one of my on-going life pursuits. I am currently single and semi-retired, so I am free to explore the world!   

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