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House Sitting Assignments in Pennsylvania

The following house sitting assignments have been listed in Pennsylvania! Many homeowners do not actually re-list their assignment each time they need a sitter. Instead, they browse house sitter profiles and use our messaging system each time they need to hire a house sitter.

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Luxury Home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dates Needed:  Jul 25, 2017 - Aug 3, 2017

We live in a penthouse apartment in the Society Hill section of, Phila. We are traveling to Ireland to watch our grandson participate in an international soccer tournament for the U.S. Society Hill is the historic center of Phila. with multiple museums and the home of the liberty bell. Our 3500 sq..ft apartment is on the 25th floor overlooking a park maintained by the U.S Forest Range ...

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Luxury Home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Member Since:  Jan 11, 2017

From 7pm to 7am, this person would need to come to watch over the family dog, Bullet. Bullet is a 70lb, very friendly and well trained black lab and while. You would be staying at our home, located in Rittenhouse. Bullet may sleep anywhere he likes in the house. He is a champion retriever and very well trained. He has no known fears or triggers and has never been aggressive towards anyo ...

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Luxury Home in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania

Chester Springs, Pennsylvania

Member Since:  Jan 1, 2017

This assignment is no longer needed.

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Luxury Home in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Member Since:  Jun 12, 2016

House sitting with one dog and one cat

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Luxury Home in Bernville, Pennsylvania

Bernville, Pennsylvania

Member Since:  Jun 10, 2016

House and pet sit.

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Luxury Home in Elysburg, Pennsylvania

Elysburg, Pennsylvania

Member Since:  Mar 8, 2016

care and love 4 cats in a home - maine coons and 1 outdoor cat in large outdoor room . one cat is diabetic requires two shots a day - she is very easy . Change litter boxes once and vaccuum as needed . must be willing to stay over most nights - my guys like company - . My one male has occasional accidents when he is stressed with urine against sliding glass door . I will have pad down i ...

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Luxury Home in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Member Since:  Feb 5, 2016

4 bedroom house. Water plants once /er week.

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Luxury Home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Member Since:  Dec 27, 2015

We're looking for someone just to come and water our plants every week or 10 days this winter for about 3-4 months. the plants are all housed in one sunroom, so it would be about a half hour to an hour each time the person came. We live in Whitehall, about 10-15 minutes from the South Side of Pittsburgh. We are looking for a responsible person who has basic sense about houseplant care ...

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