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Location:   Fritzlar, Germany

Age:   57

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About Siegmund Weigl:

Hi, we are siggi and birgit Weigl,

we are a mid age couple, he is 56 years old and she is 51 years young, and searching for a new stage of life.

We are trustworthy and clean. We would take good care of your home.

If you have pets in your home their care and happiness will be our number one priority.

You can rest assured that we will respect your property and privacy. Your pets and your home will be treated with genuine care.

We are both non-smokers, non-drinkers and drug free. We are very honest, responsible, organized, flexible and friendly (great senses of humor).

We are both very active, enjoy walking, and would like you to consider allowing us to house-sit while you are gone.  Stairs are no problem for us.  We love to travel and have new experiences. Since we are retired we can fit in with your schedule. 

We own our own home and are the parents of four married children .


We would appreciate hearing from you.

As you can read in our references, for the time now we have a lot of experiences in sitting houses and take care of the references and the feedback  from the homeowner.

Please keep us in mind.


birgit und siggi Weigl

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This lovable couple, Siggi and Birgit, have been housesitting our big finca with cat and dog for the second time now, from 16th until 30th of January, 2017, and we did'nt notice that we had been away, when we came back! Dog and Cat love them and everything was perfect. Thanks a lot again, Siggi and until next time, with love Carlos and Margret

Reviewed Feb 8, 2017 by homeowner in Calpe, Spain


Siggi and Birgit have looked after our house last year and two times in 2016 - we are so greatful to have such nice, friendly and responsible people to look after our 3 cats ( who lreally ove them) and our quite large property and garden - which are always in an immaculate condition when we return. Thank you so much Birgit and Siggi!

Reviewed Nov 21, 2016 by homeowner in Tettnang, Germany


We have been very happy with Siggi, caring for our spanish home, dog and cat with care and love during the month of October 2016. Both, Birgit and Siggi, are a enchanting and responsible couple, and we do consider them good friends after spending some days together in our big property. We will certainly repeat this nice experience with home-sitting, as soon as we will make new travelling plans. Thanks very much to you, dear Birgit and Siggi, we are happy to know you! MH- de-S

Reviewed Nov 1, 2016 by homeowner in Calpe, Spain


Siggi and Birgit have spent more than 2 weeks at our place in Versilia, Antico Borgo. They have looked after our farmhouse, our big garden and more over they have welcomed our clients during our absence. Renting holiday accomodations, it was important for us to find someone reliable and trustworthy, able to help our clients if needed. Everything has been done with utmost care and we are fully satisfied of their precious work!

Reviewed Jul 22, 2016 by homeowner in Pozzi - Seravezza (LU), Italy


Siggi and Birgit came to look after our home and 3 cats while we went on holiday. Not only are both so lovely and down to earth people, but we found them to be a safe heaven to leave our properties. Our cats had such a perfect care, as did the house and plants - when we returned, it was as if we never had left. Thank you both!!!!

Reviewed Dec 15, 2015 by homeowner in Tettnang, Germany


Mit der Familie Weigl als Housesitter war ich sehr zufrieden!

Reviewed Jul 12, 2015 by homeowner in Mesagne (BR), Europe

References 12

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housesitting from the 18 th of july to zhe end of october 2017

Date of Service Jul 18, 2017

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housesitting from the first of juli till the 18 th of july

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House and cat sitting for about 14v days

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House and Pet sitting for one Month

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housesitting and take care of three cats....05.11. till 19.11.2016

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pet sitting in calpe from the 3.10.16 till 30.10.16

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Leslie Stephenson

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pet sitting in ulm from 10.08.2016 to 17.08 2016

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Gemma Benedetti

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we have sit an farmhouse with three appartments and a great area

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Andrea Bergerhoff

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housesitting from 15.04.2016 - 23.04.2016 in tettnang, germany

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housesitting from 11.11.2015 - 26.11.2015

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Maryann Fraatz

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we take care of 3 dogs and a lot of chicken.......

Date of Service Jun 16, 2015

Maryann Fraatz

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we are there in the time from the 19 of mai till the 13 of juli......8 weeks

Date of Service May 19, 2015