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Location:   Bad Zwischenahn, Germany

Age:   62

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About Irmgard Meirose:

My name is Irmgard, I'm 62 and I'm working as a freelancer (touristic).  My daughter is 36 and my sweet granddaughter Carla is 5. My husband Peter and I live in the north part of Germany, between the city of Bremen and the border to Netherlands. The beautifull place is called "Bad Zwischenahn", a small spa-town near the lake Zwischenahn. We live in a house with a small, but nice, garden around. 

Friends would describe me as an honest, responsible and tidy woman, who loves to travel. I'm a non-drinker and non-smoker.  I have a drivers license since forty years

Some years ago I was the owner of two travel agencies. When I became older, I sold them, because Internet became more and more interest to the customers. Since that time I am working as a tour guide with travel groups from time to time, mostly on cruise ships in the baltic sea. 

In the last 20 years I have been all over the world, mostly with groups. Sometimes I had to look for more than 100 participants. Therefore I had only very little time for own explorations. I would like to visit museums and doing things that need just more time. Furthermore I have to practice my English skills. 

My favorite destinations for home sitting will be English speaking countries. I love big Cities like New York, London, Melbourne and so on. But I would not live there for ever. In German language we say "she is a country plant" ;-). That's me. By the way, my husband doesn't like the traffic in such big cities. That is the reason for traveling alone. 

I would like to look after your sweet home (I prefer flats)  and take care for your cat or two, for the plants and mail. Cats are my favorite domestic animals. I have had two of them. Now we have no pets because we are often on tour. We share a lovely cat "Mimi" with our neighbour. I have also watched many times before on cats, including  a family in Hamburg and a young Lady in NYC, when they where abroad.

If you have a house on the country side, I would be happy to take care for it. But my husband will be with me. Alone in a lone standing house I am a little bit anxious. My husband can be very good with dogs and horses or other animals. He is a gardener too. Perhaps there is a way.

Last but not least, it is very important to me, that there is a wireless connection in your home, because I have to do some work on the internet.

Further it is important to have a clean bed and bathroom, also a small kitchen for preparing meals. During my stay I will keep the apartment clean and tidy. Be sure! Return to a clean and orderly home, with fresh groceries in the fridge and flowers awaiting your arrival. 

I would like to arrive in your City 2 days before your departure and stay in a hotel close to your home. Then we have to get enough time to know each other and for instructions. 

Now I am looking forward to your reply! Please help me as a new task. I'll do my very best.

Greetings from good old Germany

Sincerely yours

PS.:  Sorry for my bad English!

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Great, responsible, clean person. Highly recommend Irmgard!

Reviewed May 2, 2014 by homeowner in New York, New York