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House Sitter Joy Winning

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Location:   Pullman, Washington

Experience:   1 yr 3 mo

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About Joy Winning:

I have lives in Pacific Northwest most of my life.  

Raised on 10 acres I was well acquainted with chores.  
I am older now, 50+.  
As a long term Interim House Director for Kappa Delta on U of I campus I gave an overnight presence, interacted with house maintenance, deliveries, and residents. I started the day before the well publicized 2022 homicide.

I have been a personal house cleaner with clients of 10 yrs!  I maintain a home, 2nd property, and small business.  We have owned several indoor/outdoor cats for decades and I was raised with dogs, cats, chickens, geese, peacocks, guinea fowl, and a large garden.

I have house sat for a local dog while not on the premises and cared for 3 aging cats (+medicine) and 1 dog intermittently 3 years.

As a fitness instructor I stay active and fit but don't feel the need for nightlife.  I am more content to putter than go out, particularly if I'm pet sitting.

I am a responsible, fun loving, non-drinking, no tobacco using mom whose kids have left home and my husband is enjoying our cabin.  I am ready for a change of scenery for a portion of the year.

My resume is filled with jobs caring for homes or for people.  If you want no drama and a job well done, let me know if I can lend a hand.

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References 3

R. Wachter

Homeowner in Pullman, Washington

I have been their house keeper for 10 years. Weekly cleaning, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, patio/drive. I helped with their move, set up and maintenance and have become an important link in their family.

Date of Service Mar 1, 2023

L. Hughes

Homeowner in Saratoga, California

Took care of 1 older long haired cat and 1 7 yo mid sized dog. Took dog on walks, to parks, and outdoors. Cat required much brushing as she felt greasy. She was vastly improved over the week I was there. Owner said they needed to invite me back to take care of her again.

Date of Service Aug 14, 2022

R. Jorgonson

Homeowner in Pullman, Washington

Helped with estate clean out after wife passed. Cleaned and boxed items, moved furniture. Stayed onsite and watched 3 senior cats (with medicines 2x/dy) and 1 mid sized dog on 12 acres. Fed outdoor birds, shoveled walkways, planted flowers.

Date of Service Jul 27, 2022