House Sitter   Cc Casas

House Sitter Cc Casas

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Location:   Austin, Texas

Age:   26

Experience:   2 mo

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About Cc Casas:

Hello - I'm C.C. Back at home in South Texas, I house-sat for my family and friends in the past. It was really enjoyable for me because fur babies are the best. I do not have any of my own which is why I enjoy house-sitting so much. When it comes to house responsibilities, I am on top of it always. I've always been a considerate person that likes to help when it's needed. Besides that, I am a hard-working person that works as an administrative assistant and freelance artist during the day and at night, I enjoy being active by going to the gym and taking dance classes. I am currently available in Austin, TX for any house-sitting opportunities. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you for your time. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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Adriana Garcia

Employer in Mcallen, Texas

Adriana Garcia is one of my past managers from when I worked as a studio photographer. I gained her trust quickly because I worked efficiently and was great with my customers. Because of that, I took responsibility for the studio when she was not there.

Date of Service Mar 1, 2019