House Sitter   Cheyenne Beaver

House Sitter Cheyenne Beaver

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Location:   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Age:   27

Experience:   9 mo

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About Cheyenne Beaver:

Midwestern soul turned Philadelphia fanatic. Looking for occasional escapes to different cities. Building a social media management presence means I can work from anywhere (as long as there's wifi), allowing me to travel and meet new friends, both human and pet. 

I have experience with a wide variety of animals including large dogs (I grew up with a Great Dane, Doberman, and Labs) as well as cats, rabbits and chickens (which are my personal favorite.) 

I've house-sat dozens of times for friends and friends of friends for anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks and have always succeeded in leaving the house cleaner than I found it. I enjoy spending quality time with fluffy pets and am skilled at following instructions to the letter. 

I am currently available for any reasonably reachable location in the USA and am excited for the possibility of international travel as my passport is renewed and ready for adventure. 

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