House Sitter   Denice Newton

House Sitter Denice Newton

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Location:   Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

Age:   70

Experience:   2 yr 2 mo

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About Denice Newton:

My husband and I retired 3 years ago when we lived in a northern suburb of Minneapolis. We lived in our home there in Coon Rapids for 35 years where we raised our 3 children. We then sold our home and moved to a small lake near Amery Wisconsin. 

We have had pet parrots for 22 years and our African Gray was our last bird who sadly passed away last year. We love all animals and I do mean all! We have dog sat in our own home  and cat sat for 3 great cats in Orlando, Florida. We are hoping to do some traveling and caring for other people's pets while they get away, without any worries at home. 

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References 3

Tara Owen

Homeowner in Alden, Wisconsin

We watched Tara's dog in our home several times. We enjoyed having Spud and taking him for walks. He's a lot of fun!

Date of Service Jun 5, 2021

Elizabeth Matheson

Homeowner in Orlando, Florida

We cat sat for Elizabeth and Guy's wonderful 3 kitty's, in their home during Christmas, for 10 days. That was in 2019. We had a great time, however only one kitty was up for tummy rubs! We also took care of all that was needed around their home.

Date of Service Dec 1, 2019

Cindy Gray

Homeowner in Minneapolis, Minnesota

I have pet sat several times for Cindy's 3 parrots in her home, when they left for up to 10 days on vacation. She has an African Gray, an Amazon and an Umbrella Cockatoo.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2018