House Sitter   Damian Brugman

House Sitter Damian Brugman

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Location:   Vineyard, Australia

Age:   48

Experience:   2 yr 7 mo

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About Damian Brugman:

The dream to live in Europe became a reality by using a similar house sitting website. We knew it was a challenge as we are a family of four.  But we found a long term housesit in France!.  We have sold everything in Australia  and ooh la la did things change! . The 4 month housesit turned into an over 2 years house sit BUT here is the update...
We are back in Australia!
We got contacted last September to do a long term housesit in Australia and we accepted. So last December 2020 we flew back and left the care of the Château in the capable hands of our dear friends. They were the ones that introduced us to the adventurous life of house sitting.
Currently we are looking after  English sheepdogs  ( Dulux dogs ) and alpacas on 5 acres in Sydney West.

We're looking for a house sit either in Europe, Australia or any English speaking country. We have European passports as well as Australian.

I have been a personal trainer for 6 years. My husband Damian is a CAD draftsman / surveyor and is working from his laptop.
Damian was brought up on a farm/vineyard in South Australia by Dutch parents. He is quite the handyman.  He has renovated several houses , He has  experience with maintaining  pools , solar panels , machinery ,  cars , electrical work and general carpentry and  now we can add septic tanks ,  central heating, diesel burners, sliding roof tiles, plumbing, fork lifts, tractors, quadbikes etc etc . In other words , he's just a Fixer with a new acquired taste for Bordeaux supérieur. .Even though the housesit did not come with animals, we shared a chat noir ( how french!) with our neighbours. In France it seems you end up with animals anyway.
We understand it can be daunting to pick a family of four to look after your beautiful property and beloved animals but we have excellent references and are very  respectful of  other people's possessions. We have high standards and moral values. We hope to meet you and share our exciting stories!
We are very happy to be back in Oz and will be looking at our circumstances again at the start of 2022. Of course we welcome all long term housesits and when possible are able to take on a school holiday housesit.

Currently we are looking after a property in northern suburbs of Sydney until late 2022. If you have a long term house sit after this date please let us know.

We won't let you down!

Thank you for your time to read this. Stay safe!

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References 2

Rosine A

Homeowner in Ohm, France

une famille formidable.des homesitters les ai retenus pour l\'année prochaine.

Date of Service Sep 7, 2019

Arianne Von Seidel

Homeowner in Savignac De Iisle, France

Lisette, Damian and their wonderful kids have been spectacular house sitters. Not only have they looked after our big old farm house (which requires a lot of TLC) lovingly and with extreme care, they have a knack for all DIY, and more than that, they are very good and comfortable with handling tools and equipment and can perform many works that require handcrafting, building, assembling, constructing, etc. We have been so lucky with all their care in the house, the garden, the herb garden, the farm ......
On another note, since I do pop in once in a while when I come to Europe, I stay with them and they make me feel so welcome. They are kind and respectful to our small village community and made a real difference to my worry and happiness of leaving our beautiful farm. Thank you very much !

Date of Service Oct 1, 2018