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House Sitter Sara Steele

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Location:   Pooler, Georgia

Experience:   1 yr 2 mo

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About Sara Steele:


     My house sitting experience is limited to one prior in Hilton Head Island, SC. But I watched this location multiple times. It was a multi-million dollar historic home where an occassional tour would be scheduled. It contained many valuable artifacts throughout the home and was considered a landmark on many levels. The owners would go to Costa Rica to surf and stayed gone for many weeks at a time. They left one inside pet, a bulldog,  to be cared for. There were no other duties like a pool, or lawn, etc  since the house was on the beach.  My role was majoratively to insure the security of the historical & priceless objects that were both inside as well as outside the home and on the property that was approx 5 acres.  
    I am a retired GBI Gov't Special Agent, certified Fire Fighter, lifeguard, security expert, rescue specialist with paramedic background, truck driver with heavy machinery experience, auto mechanic with mega yacht maintenance experience and crew manager.   I feel certain any home, boat, property or pet will be safe in my care. 
       I have been accused of being a neat freak and meticulous in maintaining things so again, I feel any property or pet will be in good hands. 
       I regret the owner of the SC home has since passed and I have lost contact with his wife. This negates my ability to use them as a reference. I can only hope my certifications will speak for my integrity. I can fax them at anytime. 

   I am particularly interested in lengthy stays in warm climates. I abore cold weather so I seek warm sunshine when it's otherwise cold in Ga. My passion is to lay in the sun and walk for many miles each day so I hope each opportunity provides at least a means for those two practices unless it is hiking in a mountain setting which is my other passion. I have no pet allergies. I have no problem administering medications or shots to pets if required. I am not covid vaxed. I am a non smoker, non drinker, non television watcher, non drug user. I play guitar and read. If your home occupies a piano, I will enjoy that all the more.  I am a certified mechanic if any mechanical maintenance is required. I also owned/operated my own business for 26 years running construction crews just in case you may have a staffing issue that needs over seeing. I am proficient and enjoy excellence. 
   Thank you and God Bless.

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Terry Deal

Homeowner in Statesboro, Georgia

I have a recent background check made on 01/02/23 available to send upon request. Also....
Terry is the head maintenance man that has served my apartment complex and executed monthly in house inspections on my home for over ten years. I feel he is a perfect reference to speak for who I am concerning the level of consistency and care of property I am capable of. His number is available upon request. Before my apartment living years (divorce happens) I was primary caretaker of our 3600 sq. ft. home, 5 acre property, a fleet of vehicles, every pet legal in the state of Ga. and 5 natural born home schooled children for 26 yrs. Nuff said. Lol.

Date of Service Jun 1, 2019