House Sitter   Michael Swerdloff

House Sitter Michael Swerdloff

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Location:   Warren, Rhode Island

Experience:   1 yr 4 mo

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About Michael Swerdloff:

I am a counselor/therapist and Reiki Master, with a PT job at a non-profit wanting to be somewhere else this winter. I will work remotely and need quality wifi.  I have been a house sitter in the past, but not in recent years. I am thoughtful, creative and resourceful. Mediation, Yoga and dance are part of my daily practices. 

I enjoy getting to know new neighborhoods and cultures. Most people think I am fun, funny and intense. They are probably correct. I do not drink, smoke or consume drugs. I have been a regional ambassador for Couchsurfing Project and have stayed in approximately a hundred homes while traveling.

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