House Sitter   Tony Gomez

House Sitter Tony Gomez

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Location:   Sevilla, Spain

Age:   50

Experience:   2 mo

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About Tony Gomez:

I've been born and growing in a small Andalusian town where my father still owns a big farm, close to the capital, Seville, where I've been working as a musician and Lighting&Sound engineer, also all over my country in many shows and music tours. My job has allowed me to combine two of my passions : traveling to other cities when working and living close to the nature in the meantime, best of both worlds.

I allways haved and taked care of my pets, from cats and dogs to chickens (they are great if you have the right place to have them). I enjoy making them live well : looking at them playing happy or living without stress it's like a relaxing therapy for me.
I don't drink or smoke, I lead a healthy life. I have my own little orchard where I cultivate some vegetables for my own consumption. I also have happy chickens that give me delicious happy eggs.

I'm a very careful person, things last me a lifetime, so you can be sure that I will take care of your home as if it was mine. Life and my job, teached me to solving problems for myself and repair things when necessary ... even computers. I'm 50 years old and I'm a well experienced professional.
I think house sitting it's a great way for exchanging favors, and help others, wich is allways uplifting, so I'll be very happy to taking care of your home while you are away.

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