House Sitter   Lj Morris

House Sitter Lj Morris

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Location:   Athlone, Ireland

Age:   30

Experience:   2 yr 7 mo

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About Lj Morris:


My name is Laura-Jane but you can call me LJ. I have just finished a master's in creative writing and will be spending the final months of 2021 moulding my novel-in-progress in solitude. I moved back home to my parents' house during the pandemic whilst studying, and currently finding it difficult to find the space and peace I need to finalise crafting this book of mine. (Dirty humoured feminist text with acute and bombastic descriptions of psychological and physical landscapes interwoven through a first person female narrative - with the second most important character being her dog who acts as her canine, spirit guide.) 

I am animal crazy - I sleep with my seven-year-old mutt, Bridget, every night and we love going for walks in the country side in my mud-caked boots. I love seeing her all muddy, the dirtier she is the happier she is. She gets bathed and swaddled into a burrito afterwards if needed. 

I have never house sat for anyone other than family members and friends - I once cared for my friends 16 chickens, 2 cats and dog for 2 weeks whilst they were abroad. I am a non-drinking, food-loving, tree-hugging, neat freak - sipping black coffee outside wrapped in a robe on a frosty morning or doing a forty-minute yoga session before cooking something filthy are some of my favourite human things to do. Everything is better, of course, with puppers. I brought Bridget away to Oranmore for her birthday and rented us a log cabin for the weekend. 

I have experience in health/safety, first aid, driving. I have been trusted by two very large companies in the past to hold business keys, including safes, under previous managerial job roles. I also spent a year living in Bangkok to teach 125 kindergarten children - this speaks multitudes for my level of patience and resourcefulness. 

I honestly could write so many reasons why you could trust me with your home, but if there is anything you would like to know - reach out to me. I am a strong person with a lot of love and life behind and inside them. (Also, you never know, you could end up in my novel's acknowledgements for providing me with the chance to write and read on your sofa.)

All my magical best,



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Chelsie Rushton

Homeowner in Mount Temple, Ireland

Cared for herd of chickens, two cats, a dog and indoor/outdoor plants for a famiy in their countryside property resting on several acres for a period of two weeks.

Date of Service Jul 9, 2017