House Sitter   Jennifer Perry

House Sitter Jennifer Perry

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Location:   Denver, Colorado

Age:   31

Experience:   2 yr 8 mo

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About Jennifer Perry:

Hello! My name is Jenny, and I am a current nursing school student based in Denver, CO. I have been house/dog sitting for the past 5 years after helping out some of my previous personal training clients when I used to be a personal trainer. It turned out to be such a fun job that I thought I would continue helping as much as possible, while my schedule still allows. I have a flexible schedule and love any/all dogs who want long walks around the park and snuggles. 

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References 2

Toby Yoder

Homeowner in Boulder, Colorado

"Jenny stays at our house and watches our dog, Lilah, each time we go out of town. She is an outstanding dog and house sitter. Our dog goes ecstatic when she shows up - I think she likes Jenny even more than us! She is very active, and is very athletic with the pets she takes care of.

Jenny is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and she absolutely loves dogs. She is the perfect person for house/dog sitting."

Date of Service Jul 4, 2021

Drew Crouch

Homeowner in Boulder, Colorado

I've had the privilege of personally training Drew for the past few years, and have since transitioned to him and his family's preferred house sitter. They have one kitty who rules the house and is a joy to spend time with when traveling is safe and aloud in the COVID world. After knowing Drew for so long, and becoming an integral part of him and his family's life, it seems only fair to continue our connection through house sitting, now that I am no longer training him weekly. Happy to find more Drew's in my life to help travel safely and stress-free.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017