House Sitter   Joy Lucinda Cornelius

House Sitter Joy Lucinda Cornelius

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Location:   Santa Fe, New Mexico

Age:   49

Experience:   9 mo

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About Joy Lucinda Cornelius:

I moved to New Mexico in January 2021 and am now a resident.  For 6 months I volunteered to work on organic and regenerative farms in Pecos through the Worldwide organization of Organic Farms (WWOOFUSA) to learn how to grow my own food and understand the water situation in New Mexico better.  I grew up on a 10 acre Ranch in Oklahoma so am experienced with taking care of ducks, chickens, cows, horses, dogs, cats and rabbits as well as the needs of the land.  I can also repair fences, greenhouses, and other simple projects like that.  I also can make sure that your gardens or agriculture is well cared for.  Right now, I am open ended, but my goal is to buy a ranch here in New Mexico and start an intergenerational care farm for elders with dementia, chronic or terminal illness and their caregivers called RANCH, Rest and Nature Can Heal.  This is a project I started during the pandemic in which I developed a partnership grid of about 100 start ups and operational care farms around the USA to share resources, funding and collaborative efforts.  

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Robin Reindle

Homeowner in Santa Fe, New Mexico

I have been working for Robin since March 2021 to tend to her 3 acre regenerative yard project and on her 2 acre regenerative field in Pecos NM. We have also collaborated in offering produce stands at farmer's markets. She would be glad to share from our mutual experiences and about how I can contribute to sitting for your home.

Date of Service Aug 1, 2021