House Sitter   Kevin Mccarthy

House Sitter Kevin Mccarthy

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Location:   Honolulu, Hawaii

Age:   67

Experience:   1 yr 10 mo

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About Kevin Mccarthy:

Active animal lovers from Colorado. (Fully vaccinated.) Tricia and I are looking to settle (probably Hawaii and/or the West Coast) after traveling the world for two years (mostly New Zealand). (We're in the Cook Islands at the moment.) Will continue to travel when we can. I'm a writer and Tricia is newly retired. Very outdoorsy. I'm also a geologist, and Tricia was once a forester/biologist.

We're not really "bucket list" travelers. We're happy to stay put and stick with a schedule. We enjoy staying in one place in order to get  into the rhythm of a neighborhood or community. And I'm a writer -- my work requires stability and some solitude. We'd like to purchase a house again, but finding something appropriate and affordable is bound to take some time. And even after we buy something (if we are able to), housesitting is a good way for us to continue to travel. 

Probably the best way to get to know us is to read some of the funny stories at We've owned four houses and five dogs over the last 40 years. Nearly all of that time, we lived at about 8500 (2600 meters) altitude. We love to walk. Besides love and good care, animals require a regular routine and ongoing engagement. So do we. 

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Sue Hoyle

Homeowner in Picton, New Zealand

Kevin and Tricia have house/pet sat for us a number of times and we have no hesitation in recommending them. They cared for our dogs and cat, and even successful managed a serious medical issue involving our spaniel. They are completely trustworthy and reliable and will care for your home and animals as if they were their own.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2021

Lesley Gray

Homeowner in Duns, Scotland

My husband and I met Kevin and Patricia when they stayed in Scotland for some time on their world tour. We were very impressed by their personalities and thought them personable, well read and honest people with whom we could make a quick connection. Kevin had an instant rapor with our labrador dog who was totally smitten and would speed up on her walk to reach their house more quickly! I have no hesitation in recommending the characters and versitality of Kevin and Patricia.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2019

Andre Mallinger

Homeowner in Rollinsville, Colorado

We have known Kevin and Tricia for many years as friends, neighbors, dog sitters and fellow world travelers. They took outstanding care of our golden retriever, Oscar, on many occasions when we were out of town or just needed a little assistance. We fondly dubbed Kevin "Uncle Kevin" as Oscar would race down the road to Kevin & Tricia's house in order to "knock" on their kitchen window and entice Kevin away from his desk and out into the fresh air for a friendly spin around the neighborhood. Over the years we were fortunate to meet numerous beautiful dogs through Kevin's dog sitting, walking and communicating endeavors. Tricia is no less a lover and carer of all animals, and with her gentle, graceful and loving spirit is a true 4-legged (or 2-winged) "Mom." I can think of no other people I would recommend more highly to care for my animals.

Kevin and Tricia are also very experienced home owners, plant and garden carers and will meticulously care for your home as their own. They are adept at basic home maintenance and are clear thinkers who will be able to handle any situation that might arise in your absence.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2018