House Sitter   Lynne Mariathasan

House Sitter Lynne Mariathasan

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Location:   Lakeland, Florida

Age:   63

Experience:   1 yr 9 mo

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About Lynne Mariathasan:

We are 61-year-old retired business owners traveling and exploring the world. We love animals, but do not have our own due to our extensive travels. We would love the company of your fur babies during our house sit assignment.

House sitting allows us to travel more, make new friends, reduce our expenses and check out many parts of the world and experience various cultures and ways of life.


We have a lifetime of experience of caring for homes and pets for friends and relatives as well as our own. Last summer we did a house/pet sit assignment in Cerritos, BCS and enjoyed every minute of it. Since then, we have done a 5-week house/pet sit in Chapala and now we are in San Miguel De Allende and we have two more long term assignments in the US.

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References 4

Gino & Linda R

Homeowner in Cbapala, Jalisco, Mexico

We were very impressed with Lynne and Elmo. We had regular updates and videos through what's app. Our dogs quickly adjust to their new family members including sleeping with them. We had some fairly new grass and some new plants that we asked if they could water while we were gone. When we got back everything was growing and looking great. The house was clean and tidy and Elmo even cleaned the BBQ! Everything went very smoothly and we would highly recommend them.

Date of Service Apr 24, 2021

Samantha H

Homeowner in Ceritos, Bcs, Mexico

Lynn and Elmo sat our 2 dogs and Brand new kitten In Todos Santos, Mexico. THEY WERE A DREAM! They sent us videos and photos over the 60 or so days we were away. They were so patient when the AC went out ( in the summer) and helped us so much. They also prepared our little house for an expected storm. They really are the best and we consider then friends now. As well as Auntie and Uncle to our fur-babies. I recommend them whole heartedly!

Date of Service Jun 30, 2020

Shantha P

Homeowner in Los Angeles, California

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this as a character reference for my brother Elmo & his wife Lynne. I have had many serious health issues and many back operations throughout the years. In 2019, I was very sick and couldn’t walk and I needed help with everything, especially my 2 dogs. Coincidently they were back in Florida from their world travels and I asked them to come out to LA to assist me and my two dogs.

Lynne first flew out and stayed with me for two weeks and she needed to return to attend to her mother. Elmo flew in to stay with me for another two weeks until my daughter returned from Spain. Even though I have 5 other brothers & sisters they were the best people I could possibly have with me.

They not only attend to my every need they took excellent care of my dogs as if they were their own. Even though it was rainy & chilly they took the dogs out twice a day especially my 15-year-old Shih tzu who was blind, and then clean their legs & their behinds. The dogs got so attached to them. I couldn't have asked for better care for my dogs, my home or myself.


Shantha P

Date of Service Mar 15, 2020

Kimberly E

Homeowner in Naples, Florida

To whom It may concern,

This letter serves as a character reference as well as a recommendation letter for Lynne and Elmo Mariathasan as a care taker for your residence as well as your precious animals.

I have known Lynne and Elmo over ten years as Lynne worked under my direction at our former employer and we got to know each other well. There were several times which Lynne and Elmo care for my precious dogs while my husband and I traveled. We were very cautious on leaving our dogs with strangers as one had health issues and the other was adopted from a shelter and was previously abused and was very timid with strangers. Lynne and Elmo stayed at my home caring for the home and the animals sending pictures of my happy pups. When we returned, they both were well cared for and my home was in perfect condition. I would recommend them to care for any home and pets when needed. I could see both dogs were well cared for and were very comfortable with both Lynne and Elmo.
Prior to this time, Lynne, with her caring nature, did not hesitate to assist my daughter with her dog. My daughter's dog was injured and needed bandage changing. Since this was a large dog, she needed help and I was not available. Lynne came to my daughter's rescue and was able to calm this injured dog with my daughter with helping to bandage his injury. I feel without her calm demeanor the dog would not have been so cooperative.

Lynne and Elmo are a great team, respectable considerate of others, and trusting. I can say, Lynne is a planner and coordinator. They both, additionally are very dedicated with caring for their elderly parents and coordinating their needs. They will be a perfect couple to care for homes and pets.

Kimberly E

Date of Service Mar 15, 2017