House Sitter   Jim Loan

House Sitter Jim Loan

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Location:   Denver, Colorado

Age:   78

Experience:   3 yr 5 mo

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About Jim Loan:


I am a 76 year old retired headmaster of an independent school. I have one daughter who is 38, a son in law and grandson who is 4 and granddaughter who has recently come into this world. 

I am in excellent health, no meds and exercise daily.

I have spent my personal life in service to myself and my family. My professional life spans over 40 years in public and independent school education. I help develop a program / school in Denver, (Denver Academy ) whose mission is to serve children who have a difficult time learning. I was at Denver Academy for 36 years.

I am an excellent communicator and manager of people. I was a care taker of a 5000 sq ft home in Telluride Colorado for 4 years and over saw everything from septic and water systems to electrical and furnace and much more.

Besides raising my daughter as a single dad, I have raised 3 dogs (Black Lab, Old English Sheep Dog, Bernese Mt Dog) and one black kitty, who lived for 22 years. I love animals and they love me.

I am reliable, gentle, kind, compassionate and really fun to be around. I am very resourceful, drive a 97 Jeep Wrangler (manual transmission) and I have been riding motorcycles for 50 years. I have sailed (bare boated) the Caribbean and the San Juan Islands.

My home base is in Denver but I travel frequently. I am single and am completely flexible... 

Please contact me if you would like further information.


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