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House Sitter Infinity Swaim

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Location:   San Diego, California

Age:   45

Experience:   1 yr

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About Infinity Swaim:

Between us, my love and I have 7 kids and a kitty. We adore them, but house sitting is a welcome treat and a chance for us to reconnect while we see the world. We have owned several homes here in California and so we deeply respect the trust you are giving strangers in your home by hiring housesitters. We both love animals and have no allergies. John is a remote educator, an avid camper and was an Eagle Scout in his younger days. The man is a dream to have around the house if something goes wrong! I am a life coach and do my work remotely as well. I love to cook, and am a sucker for a beautiful sunset. We live what we teach our kids - everywhere you go, leave it better than it was when you arrived. Please contact me/us if you think we would be a good fit for your home or pet while you are away!

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Amy Payton

Homeowner in San Diego, California

My husband and I had to leave town on short notice on a holiday weekend due my husband's mother's unexpected cancer diagnosis. Infinity and John stayed in my home and cared for my two small dogs, and took care of all the little things while we were gone. My daughter had to fly home early and Infinity even made Thanksgiving dinner for her so she felt less lonely without us. We have a 4 bedroom home with a pool and guest house on 1/2 an acre and we would leave Infinity and John in charge in a heartbeat anytime.

Date of Service Nov 15, 2020