House Sitter   Nyanza Van Vonno

House Sitter Nyanza Van Vonno

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Location:   Victoria, Australia

Age:   51

Experience:   4 yr 1 mo

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About Nyanza Van Vonno:


I have a full-time job with a small, close knit company, doing welding inspection and non-destructive testing, which requires me to travel around Melbourne to customer sites.

When we have time between jobs, we do our reports, which I do from home or from your home, which would allow me to spend more time with your pets(s).


I have a fiancé, who has a daughter and son from his previous relationship. We have them with us on a part time basis and have become a wonderful part of my life.

I would like to remain nearby our home so I can still spend quality time with them.


I love all animals, they bring me peace.

We currently have a cat, Mousie.


I am a homebody and am quite happy, reading, listening to music, watching television, needlework, lead lighting, playing computer games and surfing the internet learning new things. I also enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.

That’s not to say I’m not active. I love the outdoors and enjoy gardening, hiking, cycling, motorbiking, fishing, cross country skiing, paragliding and Qigong.


I’ve been a non-smoker for five years.



I am often upgrading my career qualifications, which requires me to take exams several times a year.

House / Pet sitting gives me the solitude I need from home life to allow me to study and have a regular schedule.


More importantly, giving peace of mind to others who want their pets to be happy while they’re absent makes me feel I’m doing something worthwhile.


Having had numerous pets over the years myself, I know how important it is that they feel comfortable and loved in their owners’ absence.



I have had no experience house/pet sitting, other than occasions for family and friends.


Starting from a young age, I've been the happy companion with a cat, several goldfish, a German Shepherd, a Peach Faced Lovebird, a Thoroughbred cross Drysdale Horse, two Netherland Dwarf Rabbits, a Bantam Chicken and a black Labrador.


I have also taken care of chickens, sheep, possums, lizards. mice and snakes and shared a home where injured wildlife were brought for rehabilitation.


I assisted with healing their injuries as well as injuries my own pets had over the years.


I’ve assisted with the births and raising of horses, cats and birds.


I worked at a dilapidated ranch in Canada, refurbishing the stables, arenas, paddocks, mansion and living quarters. Once functional, I remained living at the ranch continuing maintenance and caring for the horses.


I’m an only child, raised by my single mother. We moved many times, so I’ve had the benefit of both city and rural living. We were self-sufficient in everything and made clean and safe homes throughout my childhood.

I have continued to be independent and self-sufficient. I’ve moved many times myself and have always maintained or improved the homes and gardens I’ve lived in. I can be a bit messy at times but “cleanliness is next to godliness” as the saying goes.



If your pet is comfortable with me, I will love he/she as if my own.


I am mindful of and will respect and follow any instruction given for the care of your home and pet(s).


I can be strict if/when needed.


I’m physically and mentally able to enjoy larger pets and pets that may be a bit headstrong.


I’m more than happy to cuddle affectionate pets.


I’m a Boilermaker by trade and have taught myself to build or repair most things so I’m able to care for your home if any issues arise.


I’m respectful of property and privacy.



I believe I am very capable of caring for your home, pet or pets and garden and I hope you consider me to be your carer.

My contact details and National Police Check are available on request.

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