House Sitter   Herman & Pam Shelton

House Sitter Herman & Pam Shelton

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Location:   Rockford, Illinois

Age:   69

Experience:   3 yr 7 mo

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About Herman & Pam Shelton:

Herman Shelton & Pam.

I am 66 years old and retired.  I worked 40 years in the Nuclear Power Plant.  I held numerous positions because of my credentials, including the head of Security.  For 40 years I had a security clearance which required background checks, finger prints and psychological exams (critical group).

A nuclear power security clearance is more stringent for the critical group because of the sensitivity of your position.  My security background has aided us greatly in our home ownership.  So owners can be confident in us protecting their home.

My wife, Pam, is 67 years old and also retired.  Pam worked as a nurse (RN) in: 1) Intensive Care, 2) Insurance and 3) Grade School Nurse.  Also, Pam was required to have a background check including finger printing.

Both Pam and I grew up on a farm.  Together, we have extensive backgrounds in taking care of animals and gardens including home landscaping.  Collectively, we have raised horses cows, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits.

We would protect and take care of any property as if it was our own.  We would tend to a garden and animals as desired.  We would oversee contractors for any emergency repairs and oversee house cleaners for cleaning the house.  Note: We pick up behind ourselves but we hire cleaning personnel to clean our homes. It is important to know, that we are financially comfortable and provide this service as part of our ministry and an opportunity to go places where we would not mind living.

I am proficient in communication in English.   I understand more spoken/written Spanish than I speak but I am learning.  We are committed Christians and have been involved in various ministries.  I have credentials from LOGOS University in Florida.


We have no actual house sitting experience.  However, we have owned/remodeled several homes and left them in better conditions than we found them.  We have been landlords for several of our properties and for almost 30 years.  We currently rent one condo in Illinois.  Our life story is our experience and would love the opportunity to show your home and animals some love.

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