House Sitter   Judith Preiato

House Sitter Judith Preiato

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Location:   Sag Harbor, New York

Age:   61

Experience:   3 yr 3 mo

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About Judith Preiato:

My husband James and I are in the service of love.  We have been creating our dream life after we met  Catherina O’Gorman founder of Think Love, about 4 years ago. I embarked on a soul’s journey with Catherina as I had been searching my whole life for inner peace.  Shortly after I began to do the work, James also chose to take this journey.  We are both Accredited Think Love Coaches who assist others move from fear based limited thinking to love based limitless thinking.  

James is a builder and had a construction company from 1988-2006.  We actually were set up on a blind date in 1990 after he was newly divorced.  We were not ready to be together at that time and I went on to marry in 1993.  We are both from nearby small towns and would run into each other from time to time.  We had friends in common so I would hear about how he was.   

Deb and Steve were the friends we had in common.  Deb owned a hair salon and I worked for her since 1984.  I purchased her salon in 1988 and successfully ran it until July 1, 2019 at which time I sold it to a wonderful woman.  While working and running the salon, I was simultaneously going to school.  My husband and I adopted a baby girl from Russia in 1996.  

After I divorced, I ran into James at Starbucks.  He had never remarried and by this time I had become a licensed clinical social worker working at Stony Brook University Hospital psychiatric emergency room (while still running the salon and working part time there).  We got together, he became a hairstylist working at the salon and I continued working at hair and mental health.  I retired from the psychiatric ER after 15 years due to the long commute and stress level of the job.

I had 2 basset hounds and a cat when we got together.  We fostered many dogs from local rescue shelters over the years.  The bassets and cat have since gone to the rainbow bridge and we have 2 rescues (failed fosters as they are called).  Bibi is a 13 year old lab mix girl and Sammi is an 8 year old momma’s boy.  Between us we have 4 children and 4 grandchildren across the country.

Our house is going into contract and we plan on living in our Airstream while traveling all over the country.   We are surrendering of all our possessions (except what will fit in the camper) and are embarking on a journey of love.  Catherina, our Think Love coach planted the seed about house/pet sitting all over the world. When we choose to take a job abroad, we know our two doggies will be well cared for and loved with my sister.   

We are extremely reliable, very clean and quiet people who LOVE animals.   We are physically  fit and health conscious.  We are looking to share our love with your pets, home and garden so you can travel in peace knowing your family is well loved and cared for.  

Thank you from the deepest part of our hearts for considering us.

All the Best,

James and Judy

Available starting March 2020

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