House Sitter   Andrea Gaschignard

House Sitter Andrea Gaschignard

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Location:   Crac'h, France

Age:   43

Experience:   4 yr 7 mo

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About Andrea Gaschignard:

Hello!  We're Andrea & Vicente, experienced pet sitters.

Learn more about us and read reviews at :

As frequent vacationers back home in Texas, we were once like you, often seeking someone to care for our pets and home while we were away.  


Today, as full-time travelers, we get great satisfaction out of being able to offer a reliable and safe environment for your pets and property while you're away.  We absolutely love animals of all breeds and sizes and we miss having pets around so that's one aspect of housesitting that we particularly enjoy.

Most importantly we'd like you to know that we take house and pet sitting very seriously.  Our goal is to give your pets a safe and loving environment while you're away.  While we enjoy traveling, we draw a strict line between the two.  Travel is what we do in-between house sits.  While on a house/pet sitting assignment, 100% or our focus is on caring for your pets and property.

We're a quiet couple approaching our early 40s in age.  Our favorite past-times include eating, cooking, and snuggling up on the couch with a furry friend to a good movie.  Our only requirement is a good internet connection since we both work online.  We are available for assignments as short as 3 days and as long as six months. 

We look forward to scheduling a video conference with you and to learning more about how we can exceed your expectations of what a pet & house sitting experience should be. 

We hope to hear from you soon!  

Andrea & Vicente

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Emmanuel Gaschignard

Homeowner in Crac'h, France

19th century family estate. Live-in guest to be on-site during home extension construction. Responsible for caring for near 30-acres of park, woodland, and garden.
- Manage seasonal property needs (weed whacking, cutting wood, dealing with wild hog & deer obstructions)
- Maintain a 7-12 meter vegetable garden space
- Maintain house, alerting owner of any issues. Oversaw installation of a new oven and freezer. Installed a new water faucet.
- Kept property in manicured state (mowing, weeding, flower & bush trimming) so that it was in lovely shape for owner's return during each summer.
- Moved out of house annually during the summer to leave house to the owners for their summer vacation. Maintained home during the rest of the year.

Date of Service Feb 1, 2021

Lorraine Sarabia

Homeowner in Spring Branch, Texas

Live in guest house on 3 acre hill-country property from December '18 - April ' 19.
- Care for 2 dogs (German Shepard & Pit Bull).
- Collect mail.
- Keep watch of main house on property.
- Maintain garden and yard to homeowner's association standards. (Mow yard, water plants, clear brush)

Date of Service Dec 18, 2018

Korling Duran

Homeowner in San Antonio, Texas

Landlord of downtown residence 2016 - 2018.

Date of Service Mar 8, 2016

Mike Lackey

Employer in San Antonio, Texas

Employer from 2/2014 - 4/2019
Owner of a Registered Engineering firm.
Performed Office Management and Personal Assistant services.

Date of Service Feb 7, 2015