House Sitter   Jacalyn Gills

House Sitter Jacalyn Gills

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Location:   San Juan Capistrano, California

Age:   42

Experience:   2 yr 4 mo

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About Jacalyn Gills:

Hi! I’m a stay at home mom with 2 great kids! Currently I’m homeschooling my youngest 9yr old, and watching my 17yr old son grow into one big Varsity Wrestling Dude with a sensitive, loving side too. Mommy’s boy. My  husband, Scott, is an Executive Retail Consultant, president of The Hartman Consulting Group. His work has taken us all over the US and our kids are very well mannered and well traveled.  Although My husband travels often, he has more recently had opportunities to work from home as well :) Yahoo, Dads home?! My husband n I both grew up loving dogs n cats, bunny’s and chickens! I think we’ve instilled a love of animals in both kids. My husband and I dream of someday having a dog to call our own but currently we have 2 of the sweetest guinea pigs and Kids too! My daughter, has been the neighborhood dog walker since she was 7yrs old and loves her job!  My son and I have been assisting her in walking, running and playing with the larger breed dogs! My son is great with Big dogs. My husband too! As a family, We all pitch in to keep the household working.. I truly enjoy cleaning up after the kids, homeschooling and watching the kids grow up to be head smart n street smart kids. Originally, from the upstate NY area we have traded the Great Lakes n snow for the Ocean, Sand And Sun!!! We love California n love adventuring around the SoCal area.  I try to make each adventure a secret educational opportunity.  We’re excited to have the availability to help others in need.  We will do everything in our power to help even if it’s a last minute situation, not to worry, We’re here and available to care for your precious pets and homes too!  We’re good at following directions n keeping schedules. We can’t wait to hear from you! Oh... I hear guinea pigs... time to clean Do.. do... do.. do... do.. doo...

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Joci Grady

Homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona

14 days. They had a large home. A Chihuahua mix, yikes :)! A Large Guinea Pig, a little white rat and 2 Teenage girls (almost old enough to stay home alone)! I didn’t mind. My 9 yr old daughter made sure the animals all had food, and clean cold water. We cleaned All cages. Took out trash cans on trash day. Picked up the mail daily. I took turns with my son taking the dog out to play for very short amounts of time n we cuddled her inside the house. Too hot! I kept the pool clean daily. Opened the gate for the pool guy, landscaper. and delivery. I watered flowers/plants inside the house, dishes daily, vacuumed daily. Did laundry. Drive the girls to and from activities. My son cleaned up doggy doo doos n took a liking to caring for the dog. My daughter took care of the little animals. We all cleaned out the animal cages. Took out trash. Made simple dinners. After their classes we all sat at the table n did school work!! In the evening we watched movies n played games. The house was large!! But, I had no issues keeping it tidy. The animals were great. I did keep a check list in the room my kids and I slept in to make certain everything they asked of me was accomplished each day. Upon their return, they were really happy. They couldn’t believe their kids hung out with us. They loved arriving home to a clean house, clean pool,, clean animals and Happy kids! I can’t wait to go back again!!

Date of Service Aug 5, 2019

Jim Ruby

Homeowner in San Juan Capistrano, California

Our Neighborhood Dog Duty :)
When we’re available, we take Ruby the Bug dog out to play n go potty while the owner is at work. The owner is able to work longer hours knowing his dog is ok. We take her for 30 mins. Whenever we’re available. We try to help a few times a week. My now 9yr old daughter walks, cuddles, and reads to Ruby the big Dog. She gets paid with big handfuls of coins to help with her money math skills. The experience has been a great way to help a guy in our neighborhood with his big dog! He works long hours and often Ruby is home alone. He’s been so thankful and we help whenever we can. No scheduled times. It’s also helped my daughter with time management skills, math, science and she has learned a great deal of responsibility and loves all dogs! She’s shown me she can be a great animal caretaking partner with me. I then send an email to his office to let him know the house is locked, dog is walked n all is well! She’s had 3 other people ask if we could walk their dogs while they’re at work too!

Date of Service Mar 1, 2018