House Sitter   Lili Juskevice

House Sitter Lili Juskevice

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Location:   Blue Island, Illinois

Age:   54

Experience:   4 yr 3 mo

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About Lili Juskevice:

Hi there!  About me...goodness, okay, I do what I can to smile and be optimistic, I am 50 with an amazing 28 year old daughter.   

I love dogs and cats and will take great care of your fur babies. FYI I talk to them, usually so much that people look at me sideways.  I  find that they appreciate the attention.   I took care of my daughters dog for 11 months while my daughter deployed so I have experience with caring for a pet, loving a pet that will be going back to it's mom/dad.  I have experience with puppies all the way to elderly dogs and handling medications.  

I have a house in the south suburbs of Chicago, my brother and I live there.  I have lived there almost 20 years.  This is my brother's 3rd time moving in.  Family, right!?  Love him so much!!

I have multiple non fatal, non contagious medical conditions that leave me in chronic pain.  I have bilateral trigeminal neuralgia (face pain), bilateral occipital neuralgia, bilateral geniculate neuralgia, fibromyalgia and a few other things, you get the idea.  I am no longer able to work or drive due to the conditions and the affects the prescriptions have on me, I can't think as well as I used to and the pain can be a lot to deal with sometimes.  I am on disability.   

I do all I can every day to not let my conditions get me down, I try to be the glass half full person.  I found that sadness and depression, while they find me sometimes, they are best kept out of my days because they make my physical pain worse.  It is better to think about other things, which makes house sitting great for me, traveling, hanging out with other fur babies, meeting new people but not high pressure or fast paced.  Right up my alley.  

I have free time, I can travel to your home, watch over things, take care of pets, water plants and so forth as long as the list is reasonable.  I just take more breaks than most people if I need to mow the lawn or something but I will still get it done.  

Feel free to ask me anything. 

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