House Sitter   Katherine Herrin

House Sitter Katherine Herrin

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Location:   Shreveport, Louisiana

Age:   33

Experience:   4 yr

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About Katherine Herrin:

Hello, my name is Katherine, and I'm new to Luxury House I've spent years looking after the homes of my family and friends because I know exactly how daunting it is to find the right person for this kind of position. That's why I take pride in making sure that their homes are well-maintained during their absence so that they can confidently spend time on what's in front of them. I hope I can provide to you the same sense of peace in knowing that you can enjoy your time away and return to a secure home.

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Amanda Thurmon

Homeowner in Shreveport, Louisiana

During 2017, Amanda and her then-fiance Garrett were looking for their new home in New Orleans, to where they would soon be moving. I took care of their home and followed instructions for a few chores so that they could come home to a put-together space with a little less clutter than they left it. I also organized mail, received packages, and made myself available in the evenings to turn on a light or two during the hours that I was away before returning for the evening so that the home seemed occupied as it was normally. They returned 4 days later!

Date of Service Apr 25, 2017

Karen Falbaum

Homeowner in Shreveport, Louisiana

Karen and Craig Falbaum took a vacation away for 5 days in 2015. While they were away, I care for their three dogs (1 of which had a sensitive diet), slept at the residence, received mail and packages, and maintained their home security system when I was away from the residence. I've done this a few times for them since- all in different homes but within the same city. I was able to follow a set of specific instructions to make sure that they came home to a house in the exact condition that they would have. :)

Date of Service Dec 11, 2015