House Sitter   Rebecca Humphrey

House Sitter Rebecca Humphrey

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Location:   Port Orchard, Washington

Age:   52

Experience:   5 yr 3 mo

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About Rebecca Humphrey:

For references I know quite a few of the Bremerton Police Dept officers  and Kitsap County also.   I explain why below.

I am a young widowed grandmother of 6 living in port orchard for the last 7 years.  I lost my fiancé two years ago he was the police officer in Tacoma who was killed in the line of duty.  

Id be available to help house sit or pet sit should you wish to consider my app.  

I’ve had experience with cats and dogs and was also raised around a lot of birds we had a large closed banded aviary growing up and I hand fed them once they hatched.   I also had horses for years, and various other pets - so most animals are no issue I love them. 

  I can work from anywhere off my laptop and have a home based business so this allows me the freedom to travel most months of the year.  I sometimes travel to meet with clients  at their homes or places of business but that’s all prescheduled.   I own and operate my own health insurance company in Kitsap County.   Fall time into winder is my busiest time of year.   I have a daughter and 2 grandkids living in my own house so this would give me a little extra quiet head space to relax and work.  

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References 3

Jeannie Fishbauch

Homeowner in Bonnie Lake, Washington

I house sat with two huge boxers while Jeannie was in Hawaii with her family.

Date of Service Feb 7, 2018

Erika Shaeffer

Acquaintance in Port Orchard, Washington

I have known Erika for several years she is the wife of a local police seargant. I can provided her contact info upon request for a character reference.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017

Myron Gaiton

Homeowner in Olympia, Washington

House sat for Myron and his family while they were in Germany. Took care of his two dogs and watered his plants and made the house look occupied

Date of Service Jan 30, 2016