House Sitter   Cassie Mccracken

House Sitter Cassie Mccracken

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Location:   Atlanta, Georgia

Age:   30

Experience:   5 yr 5 mo

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About Cassie Mccracken:

Hi there! We're Cassie and Scott, an energetic, married couple that's interested in taking impeccable care of your home. While my husband received his degree in Supply Chain Management and now works in technology sales, I received mine in Business Statistics and now work for a media company. I also run my own business that focuses on sustainable lifestyle and travel. Since we both began working remotely in mid-2018, we have flexible availability for all your house sitting needs! We own our own home and have our own precious beagle, and both have experience in high-end customer service. So, we understand the need and importance of quality care. While we are based in Atlanta, we share a passion for travel that has taken us to Bali, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and Puerto Rico over the last year, so we will be happy to consider any location (as long as we will have access to Wi-Fi for work). 

Additionally, my husband and I both have a variety of work experiences outside of our current roles. His father is a master electrician that owns his own electric company, so he has the skills needed to assist with any minor household repairs that may be necessary in your absence. Prior to receiving my degree in statistics, I considered the veterinary path and worked as a veterinary technician. I've also housesat/pet sit several times in the past, but unfortunately, not through a formal website. Please feel free to reach out with any questions! We look forward to working with you and taking beautiful care of your home :)

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