House Sitter   Molly Anderson

House Sitter Molly Anderson

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Location:   Santa Fe, New Mexico

Age:   52

Experience:   3 yr 5 mo

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About Molly Anderson:

Pets, Travel, Food, Wine and Celebrating Life All Around The World

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About Us:  Molly & Ricardo (richard)

We've travelled extensively for work and for fun - Italy, France, Spain, Malta, Sweden, Finland, England & Argentina, to name a few - and we look forward to experiencing more and more of the world.

We used to have 2 wonderful kitties that people would pet-sit for us when we traveled. But now that they they're gone, we get our "pet fix" by taking care of other people's pets. We've taken care of puppies, old dogs, rowdy dogs, sleepy dogs and a deaf and blind dog who still loves to play and eat. Now that he's retired - my husband, not the dog - and I can work remotely, we have the freedom to travel the world and meet people and pets along the way.

Why we want to house sit

We’re still Texas-based, but we’re spending some time in Santa Fe, NM until we know where we want to be based…or if we want to just travel for a while.  While we love great hotels, there's a different perspective one gets when you are introduced to a new place as part of the community. We've been lucky to stay with friends around the world and getting to know their friends, their neighborhoods and their favorite places to go changes how one experiences the city and country. It's an added-bonus when there are pets for us to pamper, the ability to cook with local ingredients, and if there's a chance for Molly to play in the dirt and do a little gardening, so much the better. House sitting would give us the opportunity and a quickly-accessed familiarity that comes with participating in everyday-life in a new place by living in a home vs a hotel room.

Our experience

We both grew up with dogs and/or cats and inherited 2 kitties from our daughter that we cherished for ~10 years. The last few years we have been the "go to" couple as a full-service pet hotel for our friends' dogs. Some like to go for long walks and to play catch for hours on end, others prefer just to sit in our laps or snuggle up with us on the couch. Molly gardens and can organize the scariest of closets. Richard has renovated 3 houses and built 1; he's an expert at coming up with ideas, writing checks and managing those who are actually doing the work. We're both pretty capable when it comes to doing basic maintenance-y things that houses and yards always require, including taking care of a pool, but we know when to call those who know more than we do when necessary. We've also house & pet-sat for friends to make sure their home and animal-children are in good shape when they return from their short or long-term excursions.

Below are some references regarding our house and pet sitting and our character and the trust people have in us:


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Bottom of Form

·John & Cindy - Character Reference  25 August 2018

John started out as Molly’s boss which grew into a mentorship which has led to a very close friendship between the four of us for over 10 years. Molly and Richard are both responsible, caring, respectful people who can be counted on to follow through on their commitments. And they loved playing with our Pomeranian every time we were together. We would definitely recommend them as great hosts and reliable and solid house/pet sitters.


John and Marcy - House / Pet sitting Reference  18 August 2018

Molly has taken care of our house and of our dogs. She’s always reliable, great with the puppies, and takes suberb care of our property; treating it as if it were her own. I would recommend her to anyone for house or pet services with no reservations. 

·        Keith And Diane - Character Reference  17 August 2018

We have known Richard and Molly for many years. We have been guests in their home and they have been guests in ours. We would trust them to house sit for us and would also allow them to use our vehicles without hesitation. 

Their home was beautifully maintained and immaculately clean and they are respectful guests in our home. They are non-smokers and have no pets. They are also capable pet sitters and have done so for friends. They can handle small household emergencies and have done so in their home.

They are refined, well educated, well-groomed and clean.


Jeff - House / Pet sitting Reference  17 August 2018

I have known Richard Buckley and Molly Anderson for over ten years. They are both honest, trustworthy, reliable, respectful people of integrity. They pet sit my dog when I went out of town. I would be comfortable with them staying at my home, driving my car or watching my dog. I know that if Richard and Molly were watching the things that I loved most, everything would be just how I left them upon my return. I give them both my highest rating as a trusted house sitter and pet sitter.


Jon & Madeleine - House / Pet sitting Reference  16 August 2018

Molly and Richard cared for our Cavalier King Charles for several weeks while we were out of town. They treated her like family and spoiled her like we do. Molly and Richard sent us regular pictures of our sweet girl so we could see how much fun they were having, too. It is clear that our dog was absolutely smitten with them, and especially with Richard’s tummy rubs.

Molly and Richard are 100% reliable, responsible and wonderful. We whole heartedly recommend them without reservation.

·        Freda - Character Reference  16 August 2018

I've known Molly for 20 years. We've shared each other's homes and we've travelled together, sometimes sharing houses in different parts of the world. Molly respects people's homes, appreciates and takes care of their treasures. Molly has had beautiful homes with lovely artwork and a swimming pool. She is welcome to take care of my home anytime. (--from Molly:  Freda’s known Richard for over 30 years and loves and trusts him dearly, too!)

·        Connee - Character Reference 16 August 2018

Molly & Richard have been friends for years. They are warm and caring people, wonderful hosts and lots of fun. They are famous for their dinner parties, welcoming to all.
They also take care of friends' pets, and are always there to lend a hand when needed. We love them! 


Wendi & Brian - Character Reference 16 August 2018

Molly and Richard are extremely reliable and trustworthy. They are excellent house sitters and I recommend them without reservation. 

·        Jerry & Susan - House / Pet sitting Reference 16 August 2018

Molly has cared for our 12 year old Cavalier since he was a puppy. In their home and in ours. Giving him medication, lots of long walks and kisses. He is always happy to be with Richard and Molly. We feel completely safe leaving him with them for long periods of time. Love the cute photos she sends us.




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