House Sitter   Lynford Theobald

House Sitter Lynford Theobald

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Location:   North Salt Lake, Utah

Age:   83

Experience:   5 yr 9 mo

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About Lynford Theobald:

I am a semi-retired successful businessman, but I will never really retire as long as I have a good quality of life and the energy to go places and do things.  I am 77 years old, but still ski every winter at Deer Valley, Utah, go to the gym and play tennis several times a week.  I have owned a small stock brokerage firm with offices in Utah and Arizona, been a real estate developer and a venture capitalist.  I have been an avid aficionado of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the past 4 years and currently engage in several online businesses.  I love to travel and want to see the rest of the world that I haven't see. My wife of 49 years also experiences excellent health, skis and plays tennis with me.  We have owned several homes during our life, but have recently downsized to a much smaller townhome, so we can travel the world.  We are very comfortable with animals, having owned dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, horses and cows.  We are free to travel and stay in any location for extended periods as long as we have good internet access to manage our online activities.  We have not sat any houses yet, so we don't have any references.

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