House Sitter   Kristin Sprows

House Sitter Kristin Sprows

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Location:   Nashville, Tennessee

Age:   45

Experience:   2 yr 3 mo

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About Kristin Sprows:

Hi, there! My name is Kristin, and over the years, I have been asked to housesit, dog sit, babysit for colleagues, clients, teachers, and friends. The most recent request was by my current CEO for dog and housesitting in Boston, MA, for four weeks, but we were unable to coordinate travel logistics in time. 

During the day, I work from home as an operations administrator for a software company. I manage payroll, taxes, compliance, event planning, logistics, billing/invoicing, paralegal assignments, and HR duties. Working from anywhere allows me to be present and attentive when necessary and flexible if there are specific tasks to complete. 

I grew up in Delaware County in Pennsylvania, graduated from West Chester University, and moved to New Jersey for a job. From there, I gradually moved further north until I reached New York City. For almost five years I lived and worked in the city until I had to face the fact that city life and I weren't well-suited. In February 2018, I moved to Nashville and was instantly happy with my decision. I love the neighbors I have, the camaraderie of the block, and windows that face actual nature, grass, and trees. 

I'm a resourceful, single woman with a passion for reading, baking, cooking, fixing/building things (like furniture), driving and exploring, and laughing whenever possible. I have plants at home, but no pets, children, or other responsibilities that would draw my attention or presence away. 

In my spare time, I drive for Lyft to supplement my income and increase my financial stability. With this goal in mind, I am hoping to find additional ways to earn and save. I'm open to any questions you may have and would be more than happy to set up a video chat (Zoom, WebEx, etc.) to speak in person if that is a preferable format. 

I look forward to becoming a trustworthy and valuable resource for you soon! 


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