House Sitter   Kristin Sprows

House Sitter Kristin Sprows

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Location:   Durham, North Carolina

Age:   46

Experience:   3 yr 11 mo

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About Kristin Sprows:

Hi, there! My name is Kristin, and I have years of experience with housesitting, pet sitting, and babysitting for people, including colleagues, clients, teachers, and friends. The most recent request is by a neighbor who is having surgery, and I will be walking her dog 3-4 times per day and running any errands necessary while recovering. I can provide references from past clients (when I lived in Tennessee before moving to Durham in Oct 2020). 

During the day, I work from home, which allows me to be present and attentive when necessary while being flexible if there are specific tasks to complete. 

I'm a resourceful, single woman with a passion for reading, baking, cooking, fixing/building things (like furniture), driving and exploring, and laughing whenever possible. Currently, my obligations include working, being a dog walker through June, but nothing that will draw my attention or presence away wholly. 

I'm open to any questions you may have and would be more than happy to set up a video chat (Zoom, Facebook video messenger, etc.) to speak in person if that is a preferable format. 

I look forward to becoming a trustworthy and valuable resource for you soon! 


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