House Sitter   Laura Seaton

House Sitter Laura Seaton

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Location:   Austin, Texas

Age:   61

Experience:   5 yr 1 mo

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About Laura Seaton:

Hi there. I'm 56, a friendly, positive, stable, employed, professional adult. Been in Austin 7+ years. Committed to be in Austin area until Spring of 2019.

I'm clean, like a clean space, no-drama, uses home as a recharge zone.

Work M-F, 7-4 in government downtown, have some outside interests and activities after work/weekends and can adjust routine while on a job. Early to bed most weeknights. Non-smoker, occasional alcohol, likes to enjoy outside spaces. Can get lost in an art or sewing project for a few hours.

Animal person; enjoys the company and care, proud parent of several dogs and cats in my life. Have lived with and have experience with other creatures, too, including some birds, snakes, fish, other reptiles and small furry mammals.

New to this site, yet have house-sit several times for friends of diverse life styles and have the flexibility in my life right now to try house-sitting through the web.  I will get some references up soon. Thanks! and free fell to contact me.

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