House Sitter   Nancy Schoon

House Sitter Nancy Schoon

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Location:   Seattle, Washington

Experience:   6 yr 10 mo

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About Nancy Schoon:

Hello, Nancy and Kevin here. We are a very happy couple who recently sold our home near the southern shore of Lake Michigan and are currently living in the Seattle area since December 2017 (when we're not doing house or chateau sits in France!). Nancy is a freelance graphic/web designer and her life partner, Kevin, is a licensed massage therapist. Although we do not have pets of our own right now, we have raised and loved cats, dogs, and horses throughout the years. According to our Airbnb profile and comments, we are, apparently, exceedingly clean and personable (, and we are very respectful and conscientious of property and places we have visited. We would take great, loving care of your precious animals and your home and gardens. We have completed more than 10 housesits (mainly through another housesitting website, Trusted Housesitters), and we can provide complete references.

We love to experience new places and we love travel. We have housesitting experience (via another housesitting service), we are seasoned Airbnb travelers, and we really love the experience of living in a place and meeting the people (and their pets!) rather than just staying in a place. We are both former pet owners. Nancy has owned horses, cats, and dogs, including her beloved rescue greyhound, Greg Gumble, and Kevin was a dog and cat owner for many years. (Based on our housesitting experience to date, Kevin also appears to be a cat whisperer—his feline charges fall in love and follow him everywhere (must be the "massage therapist" hands!) We are home owners and understand the responsibility of caring for a home (and its gardens--we had beautiful gardens which we built and care for in our home by Lake Michigan).

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References 2

Dwight Jacobson

Homeowner in Richmond Beach, Washington

We completed a three month sit for Dwight and Jen this spring (and fell in love with the Seattle area!). I am happy to provide their contact info to interested parties.

Date of Service Apr 21, 2017

Maryann Schaefer

Acquaintance in Ogden Dunes, Indiana

I have known and worked for Maryann (as a freelance designer) for 15+ years. I can provide her info upon request.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2013