House Sitter   Rod Lewin

House Sitter Rod Lewin

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Location:   Fort Worth, Texas

Age:   74

Experience:   7 yr 3 mo

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About Rod Lewin:

I was born in Brisbane, Australia. I have lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas for over thirty years. I am a retired professional pilot and now a writer/novelist. Although I am now 67, I am in perfect health and still hold a current aviation medical. Several years ago, I wrote my first book, an autobiography entitled 'Steel Spine, Iron Will', wherein I narrate my recovery from paraysis after a near-fatal plane crash early in my career. Since my recovery, I have spent the last thirty-five years as a professional aviator. I have experienced all kinds of adventure as a pilot, from operating seaplanes on the Great Barrier Reef, the far outback of Western Australia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Greece and Alaska, to airline flying in DC-3ís, 727ís, and 737ís in the U.S. I have recently had two novels published, the first entitled 'The Escalante Enigma', and a sequel, 'The Carrizo Conundrum'. I am working on the third in the series, and would like a place to house-sit, where I can think and write in peace.

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