House Sitter   Celeste Miller

House Sitter Celeste Miller

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Location:   Seattle, Washington

Age:   37

Experience:   7 yr 8 mo

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About Celeste Miller:

Hello. My name is Celeste. I'm 30 years old, originally from Kentucky and have lived in beautiful Seattle, Washington for the past 3 1/2 years. I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, riding my bicycle, running, animals, and gardening. Mature, responsible, and dependable. I have great respect for other people's space and property. I have experience working with dogs; I used to work as a dog runner for a small pet care company in Seattle, where I would take four dogs per week on 3-4 mile runs, ranging from smaller breeds (Pomeranian) to large breeds (Alaskan Malamute). I also love cats and have owned and cared for cats. Non-smoker, college graduate, and vegetarian.

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John Sullivan

Homeowner in Seattle, Washington

Celeste looked after my home and dog, Freddie for a week while I was away on business. She was great about keeping me updated on how things were going. She spoiled Freddie by taking him for at least three walks every day and even took him to the dog park a couple of times. I was delighted to find the house in perfect condition upon my return, and would definitely recommend her as a house/pet sitter.

Date of Service Feb 16, 2016

Mari Hauser

Homeowner in Seattle, Washington

I can sincerely say Celeste is a truly wonderful and caring human being to both people and animals (did she mention that she is a vegetarian?). She is very responsible, reliable and trustworthy. I would feel very confident enlisting her services. She has watched over our home and cat several times, and I hope she will continue to in the future.

Date of Service May 1, 2015

Amanda Stenman

Homeowner in Seattle, Washington

Celeste worked as a dog runner for my company in 2014. She was one of my top runners, being incredibly punctual and reliable. She ran with several different breeds of dogs, often who had serious behavioral issues. She was always kind to the clients and their pets, and I could trust her with access to any client'S home.

Date of Service Dec 1, 2014

Alyssa Henry

Homeowner in Seattle, Washington

Celeste has been a good friend and coworker of mine since 2013. I am an experienced house and pet sitter, and often refer my clients to Celeste if I'm unavailable. She is a caring, trustworthy, hard-working person.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2013